TIFF 2006 Day 9: Chacun sa nuit

Chacun sa nuitLizzie Brocheré has several nude scenes in Chacun sa nuit (aka One to Another). Here’s a quick recap:

1. We see Lizzie’s breasts as she is coming out of the lake after skinnydipping. She then sits on the shore sunbathing and we see her breasts and partial ass. Lizzie then goes back into the lake and starts playing in the water and we see her fully nude.
2. Lizzie shows breasts as she is naked and fighting someone in bed. She then shows off a tattoo on her ass.
3. We see Lizzie’s ass as she is lying face down in bed.
4. Lizzie is lying in bed again but this time on her back and is fully nude. We then see more nudity as Lizzie has sex.
5. Lizzie is sunbathing again but in a field this time. We only see her topless.
6. We get a brief glimpse of Lizzie’s breasts as she puts a towel on in the bathroom.

Marion Donon is also shown topless during a ménage-à-trois with two other guys.

You can see some of these scenes in the trailer available at the official site (click on ‘film annonce’).

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