TIFF 2007: Fugitive Pieces

Early on in Fugitive Pieces, we see Rosamund Pike come out of the shower with just a towel on. Rosamund straddles her husband Jakob and lowers the towel showing her left breast from the side but no nipple. The camera then pans a bit and we may see a hint of nipple.

Rosamund is then shown having sex with Jakob. Again, we see Rosamund’s breasts as she is lying on the bed. However Jakob is on top and his arms again hide the goods.

Right after, Rosamund is shown out of bed completely nude from behind. Rosamund reaches for a book and we again see her left breast from the side but again no nipple. Rosamund then returns to Jakob and there is a quick pan up that shows her breasts (with nipples). However, it may have just been my eyes playing tricks on me as it was a dark scene and very quick.

About an hour later, Ayelet Zurer is shown having sex with Jakob. We see Ayelet’s breasts and part of her ass.

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