TIFF 2007: Mother of Tears

In Mother of Tears: The Third Mother, Asia Argento (who was at the screening) only has one nude scene. Asia is shown taking a shower and we see a brief glimpse of her right breast only.

Italian showgirl Moran Atias plays the Third Mother and has three nude scenes. In the first, we see Moran’s breasts and ass as she is shown nude during some ritual. Moran eventually puts on some talisman (aka ragged shirt) which is very short allowing us to see more glimpses of her ass. In the second, Moran is shown wearing a long black cloak with nothing on underneath. We see her right breast as the cloak opens up. The last nude scene is during the final battle. Moran is shown walking around nude, talking to her followers. We see more t&a and eventually full frontal as Moran turns around. Then Moran puts on the talisman again and we see some glimpses of her ass and bush as she continues to walk around. The talisman is eventually removed and we see more of Moran fully nude as she basically just runs around in panic before eventually dying.

Valeria Cavalli and Silvia Rubino play lesbian lovers and have a topless makeout session in bed. Silvia remains topless while intruders torture and kill her.

Many unnamed witches are also shown nude at various times in the movie.

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