TIFF 2008: Revanche

In Revanche, Irina Potapenko plays a brothel worker and as such spends most of her screen time in various states of undress.

We first see Irina fully nude from the front and back having sex in the shower. The scene is slightly obscured by a see-through shower curtain but you can still see most of the action including Irina’s boyfriend going down on her briefly. Afterward, we see Irina sitting in bed nude eating pizza and then sitting on a chair topless while making a phone call.

Irina is then shown at work topless and in a thong. Irina removes the thong and lies on the bed facing away from camera. Irina’s client then asks her to spread her legs and masturbate. Irina does as instructed briefly but we don’t really see anything.

Later on, we see Irina on the phone topless again. There is also a scene where one of Irina’s clients hits her and we again see her topless and in a thong. And lastly, we see her left breast as she woken up by her borfriend.

Ursula Strauss also has three nude scenes. In the first, we see Ursula topless while lying in bed. The second scene is a sex scene where Ursula is bottomless but the lights are off so you don’t really see anything. And lastly, we see her topless and part of her ass as she gets out of bed.

One of Irina’s co-workers (a blonde woman) also shows her breasts briefly as she is changing.

You can see snippets of some of these scenes in the trailer.

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