TIFF 2008: The Burning Plain

Charlize Theron has two nude scenes in The Burning Plain. The first nude scene is the second scene in the film. We see Charlize sitting in bed nude with her back to the camera and facing the window. Charlize gets up and walks towards the window and we see a bit of her breasts and her ass. We then see the view from outside the window as Charlize is topless (as kids are walking by). Charlize then turns around and we see her breasts again. The second nude scene is about 35 minutes into the film. We see Charlize remove her wet clothes in her closet. We see Charlize briefly from the side but it is very dark. Charlize then walks out with an open robe and we see her in panties with her breasts exposed.

Kim Basinger also has two nude scenes. About 20 minutes into the film, we see Kim bottomless from the side while having sex but again, it is very dark so you can’t see much. And at about 70 minutes we see Kim’s naked back and ass as she is riding her lover during sex.

Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t get anywhere near naked really, but she gives an amazing performance and is one to watch for.

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