TIFF 2009: Air Doll

Bae Doona (Bae Doo-na, Bae Du-na) doesn’t shy away from nudity as she plays a blow up doll that comes to life in Air Doll. Ten minutes into the film, Doona shows her breasts and ass as she comes to life. At about 20 minutes in, Doona shows her breasts while sitting in bed after sex. At 40 minutes, Doona is fully naked but we only see her breasts as she uses a hand pump to blow air into herself. Around 55 minutes in, Doona is cleaning herself in the tub and we see a quick left breast flash. At 95 minutes, we see Doona’s ass briefly and lots more views of her breasts as she is in bed with her lover. Doona’s lover repeatedly lets her air out and then blows air back into her and we see her breasts each time since the air plug is at her stomach. And I don’t want to spoil anything but we again get a few more views of Doona’s breasts afterwords.

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