TIFF 2009: Beautiful Kate

Sophie Lowe plays the title character in Beautiful Kate and has a few nude scenes. We first see Sophie’s right breast in the mirror as she applies VapoRub on her breasts. She then turns around when she notices her brother watching and we see both of her breasts. A few minutes later we see Sophie’s breasts again as she stands in the doorway and says goodnight to her brother wearing only her panties . Later on Sophie strips off her clothes to go skinny-dipping. The scene is dark and distant but I believe there is full frontal nudity. Sophie then gets out of the water and we see her ass. And lastly we see more breasts and ass from the side as she is having sex on the water bank.

Maeve Dermody spends most of the movie wearing skimpy clothing including a see through bra in a couple of scenes. We can see Maeve’s right breast as she takes her top off and walks away. Later, we see both of Maeve’s breasts when she turns around to talk to her boyfriend after having sex.

Briony Kent also shows her breasts while having sex.

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