TIFF 2009: Chloe

Chloe is a remake of the french film Nathalie… and true to its source material, there is lots of nudity.

During the opening credits, we see Amanda Seyfried getting dressed. Her breasts are visible in the mirror but the shot is out of focus. Then around 40 minutes into the film, we see Julianne Moore in the shower and she shows her breasts. About 8 minutes later, we see Amanda’s breasts from the side and ass briefly as she walks past the bathroom door. After telling Julianne a story, Amanda removes her robe and gets dressed but we don’t really see anything. Then about 10 minutes later, Julianne unbuttons Amanda’s shirt and we see her left breast briefly. We then see Amanda pleasuring Julianne with her hand between Julianne’s legs. They’re both nude but we can only see Julianne’s breasts fully as Amanda is lying on her side behind Julianne who is on her back. Around 25 minutes later, we see part of Amanda’s ass and her right breast as she rides Julianne’s son. Lastly, we get another quick look at Amanda’s breasts as she is getting dressed afterwords.

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