TIFF 2009: Enter the Void

As 2010 approaches, here’s a review of Enter the Void, a film that will be hard to top for best nude film of next year. This review is late as I only saw the first half of the film due to technical problems during the screening and other commitments. The entire film is shown from Oscar’s point of view. Shortly into the film, Oscar is watching his sister (played by Paz de la Huerta) dancing topless in the strip club along with other dancers. A little later Oscar spies on Paz in her dressing room. She is with her manager and they begin to make out. Paz is soon naked and she unzips her manager’s pants and pulls out his penis. Paz then guides his penis toward her vagina and they continue to have sex. I’m not sure if there’s any actual penetration though.

The next act shows Oscar’s flashbacks from childhood until the present. We see Oscar’s very hot mother Janice Beliveau-Sicotte topless as she bathes with her children. Later, we see Janice nude on all fours as Oscar spies on her getting drilled from behind by his father. Again, I don’t think anything explicit was shown. We also see Oscar’s friend’s mother (played by Sara Stockbridge I believe) topless briefly as she seduces Oscar. Finally, we see Paz topless in bed. Paz is also shown wearing a tiny bikini top in several scenes and her nipples pop out sometimes.

And that’s all the nudity I remember from the first 80 minutes or so. There is supposed to be a lot more nudity in the second half of the film so hopefully it gets released soon.

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