TIFF 2009: Visage (Face)

A little over 30 minutes into Visage (Face), Laetitia Casta is shown nude after finishing a song. Laetitia is then lying in the forest with a blanket over her and we again see her boobs as she gets up.

Then at around 2 hours into this snorefest, Laetitia leads her director over to a tub in a meat locker, covers his body with a plastic sheet and proceeds to lather a huge can of tomato sauce all over him. She then gets up and dances with 2 fully nude female backup dancers. Laetitia eventually strips down to only a thong but her backup dancers cover her breasts with their hands. The dancers do slip up a few times though so you catch a few glimpses of Laetitia’s nipples. After the song is over, Laetitia confronts her director and we catch a few quick peek at her breasts.

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