TIFF 2010: Kaboom

Kaboom, the latest from Gregg Araki, is filled with both male and female nudity but we will only cover the women.

Four minutes into the film, we see an asian girl naked having sex. I didn’t catch her name in the credits but you can see this scene in one of the trailers floating around.

At around 16 minutes, we see a montage of Juno Temple having sex and also Haley Bennett and Roxane Mesquida having sex. First, we see a shot from straight on of Juno’s breasts as she lies in bed after sex. It then shows Roxane on top of Haley from the side. They’re both topless but we can’t see any nipples. We then get an overhead shot of Haley with her nipples just out of frame. As Roxane goes down on her, Haley starts to move and we get several glimpses of her nipples. It then switches back to Juno but now we see a side view of her breasts as she’s lying in bed.

I might have the times for the next two scenes reversed but I think at 25 minutes, we again see Juno’s breasts during a sex scene. Then, at 28 minutes we see Haley in bed with Roxane over her. They are under the covers but we get a very brief peek at Haley’s left nipple as she moves around.

At 40 minutes, we see Juno’s breasts and part of her ass during a sex scene. We then get several more views of Juno’s breasts as she teaches a guy how to go down on her.

Around 48 minutes in, we again see Juno’s breasts as she has a threesome with two other guys. It is actually just the beginning of the threesome so there is only kissing.

And finally, at 80 minutes we see Roxane’s breasts briefly as she’s sitting in bed.

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The Asian at the 4-minute park in the dorm room playing the role of "Freshman Bimbo" is Christine Nguyen. She's done alot of softcore work and there's plenty of her content out there on sites like Google Images / Celebritymoviearchive / Mr. Skin / etc. She's nice and spinnable.