TIFF 2010: Passion Play

As expected, Megan Fox is not nude in Passion Play.

Around 46 minutes into the film, Megan has sex but you don’t really see much. Then at around 80 minutes, we see Megan topless in a glass cage. Megan uses her right arm to cover her breasts so we only see part of her left breast. There are some pictures that are leaked from the filming of this scene if you search on the net but in the film, there is no guy with her in the cage.

Early on in the film, Kelly Lynch is dancing on stage wearing only pasties. And an unidentified brunette also has a long nude scene at 73 minutes. She is wearing only panties and is tattooed all over including her breasts. She never had any lines so I’m not sure what her name is but taking a look at IMDb, it may have been Liezl Carstens.

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