TIFF 2011: Killer Joe

Killer Joe was originally an off-Broadway play starring Michelle Williams. Michelle played Dottie in the original production and did a full nude scene every night. Dottie is now played by Juno Temple in the movie and she too does full nudity.

Juno wears lots white tops with no bra throughout the film so lots of see-through action. About 12 minutes in, Juno appears in a vision fully nude and then does some kung fu moves before disappearing. Half an hour into the film, there is an overhead shot of Juno’s breasts as she changes in a dressing room. And at 41 minutes, Juno very slowly removes all of her clothes and stands nude for a bit before putting on a dress. Juno then bends over toward the screen and hikes up her dress so we see her bush as she is having sex.

Speaking of bush, the very first time we see Gina Gershon, all we see is a closeup of her bush. Only two minutes into the movie, Gina answers the door bottomless and then walks around a bit before finally putting something else on. Then at 51 minutes, I think we get another brief peek of Gina bush as it looked like she was bottomless again.

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again - why does it take SO long to get nude caps from Killer Joe (Temple + Gershon) or Black Rock (Aselton + Bosworth) or Lawless (Chastain) and others? They've all screened multiple times or even been released months ago...


Comparing box office receipts from Take This Waltz with Killer Joe, it appears more people are interested in seeing Sarah Silverman naked than Juno Temple. What should Ms. Temple take away from this? She needs to either spend more time in the gym or less. On second thought, maybe a completely naked Michelle Williams adds more value than a half-naked Gina Gershon.


Too bad Killer Joe actually suprassed Take This Waltz'sbox office despite having a more limited release and a more restrictive rating

You're a fucktard.


can't find the clips anywhere online, anyone have a link?


Killer Joe was first put on the stage in Chicago, 5 years before it opened in NYC.


Thanks for the info. Is Juno Temple's pubic hair blonde?


Thanks for the reviews. What type of bush do Gina & Juno have?


Gina's was pretty full -- possible merkin. Juno's was neater.