TIFF 2011: Shame

About 20 minutes into Shame, we see Carey Mulligan fully nude as she is in the shower. We only see Carey through a bathroom mirror in the middle of the screen and she is facing screen left. Carey is somewhat trimmed with sparse hair downstairs. Carey is then handed a towel and she proceeds to dries off a bit. Carey then covers her breasts with the towel but we can still see her bush. Carey then throws the towel back and we again see her fully nude for a little while. Eventually the towel is thrown back at Carey right before the bathroom door closes. The scene is about a minute long.

A few minutes later, Carey has a pretty lengthy scene where she is wearing a white shirt that is somewhat see-through. She also wears this same top later in the film.

Starting from the beginning, about five minutes in, we see Mari-Ange Ramirez strip nude from the side. We see her breasts and can tell that she is fully shaved.

At 47 minutes, we briefly see a woman (missed her name in the credits) fully nude as she is observed from afar pressed up against a glass window while having sex.

At about 59 minutes, Nicole Beharie shows her breasts and part of her ass in a thong as she is about to have sex.

Around 64 minutes in, Amy Hargreaves shows everything as she is having sex and afterwards.

And lastly at 83 minutes, Calamity Chang and DeeDee Luxe show breasts, ass and maybe more during a threesome scene.

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