TIFF 2011: Take This Waltz

UPDATE (5/25): Free HD videos here http://www.recapped.com/sarah-silverman-and-michelle-williams-in-take-this-waltz

As you may have heard, Michelle Williams and Sarah Silverman are fully nude in the shower in Take This Waltz. The scene happens at about 42 minutes into the film. Here’s a shot-by-shot breakdown (estimated times):

  1. We see Michelle on the left facing screen right, Jennifer Podemski in the center facing the screen and Sarah on the right facing screen left. All three of them are fully nude and we can see all six breasts but we can only see Jennifer and Sarah’s bush in this shot. We might be able to get a glimpse of Michelle’s bush from the side. Michelle then turns to her left a bit and we get a pretty good shot of her ass. (4 seconds)
  2. It switches to across the room where three older, overweight women are showering. Also fully nude if you’re into that kind of thing. (2 seconds)
  3. We see headshots of Sarah, then Michelle and then Jennifer. (11 seconds)
  4. Similar to the first shot but now Michelle is washing her hair and we get a great view of her entire nude body including full bush. Sarah has her right leg up on a stool as she is applying some cream to her right calf. Its possible we can see more because of that but that will have to wait for HD. Jennifer’s left leg is also slightly elevated as she is applying shaving cream to her calf and is hunched over. (4 seconds)
  5. More of the older women across the room. (5 seconds)
  6. Continuation of the last time we saw Michelle, Sarah and Jennifer. Sarah and Jennifer still have their legs up. Michelle is still washing but then turns a bit to her left and shows her ass again. (5 seconds)
  7. More closeups from the shoulders up of Michelle, Sarah and Jennifer. (40 seconds)
  8. A zoomed in shot of the three older women. (2 seconds)
  9. Again more closeups of Michelle, Sarah and Jennifer. (10 seconds)
  10. A shot of Michelle, Sarah and Jennifer again. Michelle is still turned so we see her ass. Sarah now has her leg down. Two different older nude woman walk by. Sarah turns to her left and faces the screen more as she washes her hair so we get a great look at her body right after the 2nd woman moves out of the way. Michelle also turns toward the screen a bit and we see her bush from the side. (4 seconds)
  11. Now we see the two older women that walked by join the other three from earlier. (5 seconds)
  12. Michelle, Sarah and Jennifer again. Michelle is turned more toward her left so we can see her ass and right breast. She then turns to her right so that almost her whole body is facing the screen directly. Jennifer then turns around and we see her ass. (6 seconds)
  13. And the scene ends with a shot of the older women again. (3 seconds)

Around 52 minutes into the film, Michelle removes her panties and sits on the toilet which is on the left side of the screen. Michelle does her business and then stands up showing her full bush again. Michelle then removes her top and jumps in the shower which is on the right.

At about 98 minutes, there is a montage. We see two quick scenes of Michelle having sex. In the first, Michelle is again fully nude with her legs in the air as she is getting pounded. Secondly, we see Michelle’s breasts as she is having sex on a chair. We also Michelle have a threesome with Samantha Farrow but Michelle is not nude and we can only see Samantha topless from the back.

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sorry about that. here they are


Wow dude, chill out. You soundin real desperate right now


Please reupload that 🙂 I've wanted to see this scene forever


What was this picture?


Its gone again =\ whatever it was




Wow thanks!


whaaaat? its gone! Reupload please?? 🙂


Two weeks until this movie is out in Video On Demand supposedly...


Why up to now after all this eternity is there nothing to show of this anticipated sought after seen with Silverman? I want to see the unsuspectingly beautiful comedian Sarah Silverman naked with her nice, fully natural and aesthetically pleasing and beautiful (real women have bushes!)dark hairy pubic hair patch bush! How very disappointing for the fans of this site.


Why up to now after all this eternity is there nothing to show of this anticipated sought after seen with Silverman? I want to see the unsuspectingly beautiful comedian Sarah Silverman naked with her nice, fully natural and aesthetically pleasing and beautiful and dark hairy pubic hair patch bush! How very disappointing for the fans of this site.


Any New Yorkers? TTW is showing 3 times at the Tribeca Film Festival this weekend (April 22,23,26). You could be the hero to provide the first caps and/or video!


Not gonna let us see what we want to see? C'mon buddy. Pay it forward!


ooo ya big fat tease!


Not fair 🙁


I hate you. But well played you cruel cruel bastard.


When are those scenes so anticipated coming out? I want to see Sarah Silverman's sexy and alluring and aesthetically beautifual dark and full hairy bush!


Have some boobs from her twitter, while you wait:


I find it absolutely amazing that there is still not one image on the net of this. Not one that I can find. It has to be one of the best hidden set of images ever 🙂


Up to know and still nothing. How disappointing.


Is anybody working this website?!?!?!?


This site is bunk. They haven't added anything since January 8th. I know there has to be videocaps of take this waltz out there......we want to see them! Wanderlust comes out in like a week. Can we get something please.......anything!!!!!


Saw the movie back then, and let me tell you ... if you are like me, a huge fan of Silverman's atributes but never saw more than a cleavage here and there ... well, let me just say this images will "last" for ever (if you know what I mean).



Does this film actually exist?


Find it amazing after all this time and there are still no pics. There are probably government secrets that were easier to find.


wow... still nothing..


Dammnit! I wanna see sarah's glorious full and hairy bush. What's the [email protected]#$$ taking soo long. Where are the vid caps at least!!!???? Real women have hair down there. Real women have bushes!!!


where be the caps?


must have screen caps


where can you find pictures?


I NEED screen caps!! Please!!!


You sure? All I've seen are the bathing suit set photos. Thorough googling yield no oogling.


The movie "officially" comes to theaters on 12/28/2011 (3 weeks from today) BUT it was released MONTHS ago on publicity DVDs for festivals. There ARE screen caps out there. I've seen them. It opened in August - 4 months ago.


Where did you see the screen caps?????


No, it comes out Dec. 28th..

Kirsten Dunst's Melancholia caps came out even before the festivals.. Why is it taking so long for these?

We want caps!!!!!!!!!!!


Movie due out in Spring 2012! That is why no caps... Only shown in film festivals to date...


Hello? When will this be updated? Hundreds of reviewers have seen the movie. You have a shot by shot description. Why no screen caps? That is why we come here.


Quite ridiculous.


Movie has been out over 2 months. Ridiculous that there are no screen or vid caps yet.


OMG! When are the screen caps and videos finally coming out for this nude scene! I can't wait to see Sarah's hot dark and hairy, lucious full bush! What's taking so long?! 🙂


Sure, understand vid caps but screen caps, the screener has been out NO, leaks don't understand it. 🙁


Can someone please post screen caps? The movie has been screening almost a month now.


Why no caps yet? The movie has been out over a month?


Does anyone have any links for vidcaps yet? Dying to see Sarah...


I want to see her nice pubic fuull bush gosh darn it! hehe 🙂


Gosh darn it! When can we finally see sarah silverman nude!? And I don't mean at thr theaters!


do you just see jennifer and sarah's bush at beginning, or again later in the scene?


Sorry, I don't really understand what you're trying to ask. The scene breakdown above is pretty detailed.


How did Sarah's tits look? I've wanted to see her naked forever!


They were probably the best out of all the women in the scene.


They are not using merkins, according to Sarah's interview on Howard Stern. She says she shaved a bit on the sides before the morning of filming to look cleaner, and overdid it a little bit. She said Michelle had a "full natural triangle."


How does Sarah's body look? Breasts look good, figure, etc?


I wouldnt be surprised if in the end theyre using crotch wigs.


Are there any shots of Sarah's bare ass?


Great reporting, thanks!

How about the bushes on these ladies? Can you provide any more interesting detail? Shaved? Trimmed? Super-furry? Inquiring minds want to know!



All three have roughly the same full bush. Sarah's may have been a bit more trimmed but it was hard to tell because of the water.


Does Sarah ever turn towards the screen? I mean, do we see both breasts?


Yes, we see both of Sarah's breasts in every shot with all three girls.