TIFF 2012: Cloud Atlas

Cloud AtlasBae Doona shows her breasts briefly as she is getting ready roughly 25 minutes into Cloud Atlas. Then at the 2 hour mark, we see Doona’s breasts and ass as she is having sex.

There are also some other random asian actresses showing varying degrees of nudity during the first Bae Doona nude scene. At about 145 minutes in, we see more random asian actresses nude in a somewhat gruesome scene that could be CG.

Lastly, Halle Berry shows some sideboob and possibly more during a sex scene approximately 56 minutes in. However, Halle is wearing some very heavy makeup to change the complexion of her skin during the scene.

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Plus it's very offensive that you would automatically assume that anybody who wants to see this movie which has, from the description, very little nudity that doesn't even seem like it can be considered nudity, is someone who frequents strip clubs and buys prostitutes. I agree that if you can't handle a little nudity in a movie that is as good as this one, then you should either just watch kid's movies or f*cking read a book. People's obsession with wanting every movie and everything else made to their personal standards is why there is so much crap put out in the movie theaters and on TV. Stop being cry babies about the human form, it's not objectifying anybody. They agreed to show what they did (which isn't much in this case). If you feel that being semi nude in a sexual scene objectifies women, then how do you feel when you have sex (if you do)? Is your partner objectified because they are nude? You're answer is probably No. So why do people consider someone being semi nude in a sexual scene to be objectified? I just don't get it. Maybe I expect too much common sense out of other people or something...


I must admit, Johnny's comment about not having people's private parts shoved down his throat was pretty funny to read.. Also, you really shouldn't base whether or not your going to see a movie based on nudity in it. Halle Berry won an Oscar for Monster's Ball and that had a pretty graphic sex scene in it and was still pretty good. Natalie Portman also won an Oscar for Black Swan which had a lesbian scene in it and a masturbation scene, and was also a very good movie. If you're sensitive to nudity then I don't know what's wrong with you, it's not all done for simple perverted pleasure. Plus you should stop watching movies if that kind of thing offends you, because tasteful nudity has been done in movies since the beginning of film's history. Stop judging things based on simple things like that and judge the movie on what the movie is and presents itself to be.



Automatically when something you consider degrading is done, it becomes a topic of sexism and the sort. however, from now on before you open your stupid mouth, keep in mind that you're actually the one being a douche. Halle Berry said this was a role that she loved playing. I'm sure the same goes for the rest of the cast. None of the members were forced into doing anything and so this is just a matter of your opinion. This wasn't sexist in the least bit you shit. You choose to let such a small of things ruin a perfectly fine movie whose value you refuse to see. I really hope, for your own fucking sake, that you grow up and learn to appreciate good movies.

if not, go watch disney animation movies ffs (and even those have crude humor and subliminal sex messages- so hf in life if you cant handle shit like this)


Actually, she loved the money like any Hollywood whore. Didn't matter what she was doing. Best way to make more money is to promote your own sad movie.


Can't even spell. I agree with the first review.





Sad... I was really thinking this would be a great movie. But as I don't go to strip clubs or hire prostitutes. I enjoy seeing a beautiful movie and dinner without having somebody's private parts shoved down my throat.'

Also, it is very sexist to make the women on set get naked ... degrading and sexually objectifying. I had hoped the movie would not use cheap tactics like this.

Disappointment and will not see.


This comment is sexually perverse and morally offensive. If I wanted to read about genitals being forced down a someone's throat, I would read pornography, not a movie review website.


You are not seeing the message the movie is trying to conceive. The naked women represented that they were dehumanized. They are forced to undress, sanitize, and work the bar. They all also had collars forbidding them from leaving and the same, matching outfits. Very similar to the de humanization processes undergone by the Jews during the holocaust.