TIFF 2016 Preview

With TIFF releasing their full lineup last week, here’s a preview of some films we’ve seen some footage from. Some of these films will also play in Venice, Telluride, and New York.

Films we’ve seen footage of:

All I See Is You – Footage shows parts of several sex scenes with Blake Lively but no nudity. There is a random topless masked woman shown when Blake, Ahna O’Reilly, and their significant others visit a sex show club. Despite getting top billing, Yvonne Strahovski is not in any footage.

The Exception – fka The Kaiser’s Last Kiss, footage suggests several sex scenes with Lily James. Lily (or her body double) also shows her ass and some side boob as she removes her dress in one scene.

(re)ASSIGNMENT – fka Tomboy, A Revenger’s Tale, footage shows Michelle Rodriguez nude while checking herself out after her (his?) reassignment surgery.

Films we’ve seen with no nudity:
Free Fire (Brie Larson)
The Girl with All the Gifts (Rachel Weisz)
Maudie (Sally Hawkins)

And there are some films we’ve seen which we’ll be posting reviews on soon. Stay tuned.

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Do you know how long the All I See is You footage was? Also, any idea who the male actors were who featured?


Where should I be emailing my TIFF scoops, recapped?


Hi, I sent an email to the address you have listed on your account. If you didn't get it let me know.


Get to work, recapped!


You got scoops? What's the word chum?


Thanks for news and can't wait for another ones from TIFF. And do you maybe have any information about nudity in Snowden and Shailene Woodley in it?


i really hope for Shailene Woodley's ass show in the movie..i hope her ass'll be amazing!!!!


anything on Brain On Fire?


I will sacrifice a badger if you can post a cap of the Lily James disrobe scene.


Literally getting butterflies at the idea I might see her topless, in the same way I did when the rumor of Emma Watson in Regression was going around. Let's hope this one follows through.


Any info about Olivia Cooke in Katie Says Goodbye, which premieres at TIFF and, according to Olivia in a couple of interviews, has full frontal nudity from her, will be greatly appreciated.


Katie Says Goodebye (with Olivia Cooke) and The Exception (with Lily James) are the 2 movies at TIFF that I'm most interested in. Hope to see the reviews Sept 11 and Sept 12.


I'm a little confused. Does Michelle Rodriguez play the character in "(re)ASSIGNMENT" after the gender reassignment surgery or before?


she's playing a hitman who is turned into a hitwoman by a vengeful surgeon


White girl comes out in theatres Friday. Do we know if it's on Netflix that day also?


It is not listed among Netflix's new releases for this month or next month.


How much do you see of Michelle Rodriguez?? full frontal?


Knowing our luck, it will be a prosthetic penis.


mmm don't tease me like that!


Michelle Rodriguez? ohboyohboyohboy...

Also I understand Brain on Fire with Chloe Grace Moretz is on TIFF 2016? Can't wait for some news.


Any word on who's nude in tonights Vice Principals?


thanks guys. hopefully some good news soon.