TIFF Day 4: L’Annulaire

LL’Annulaire (The Ring Finger) was actually first shown on Friday but I couldn’t make it to the screening. Supermodel Olga Kurylenko has several nude scenes in this, her acting debut. She also wears a nightgown in several scenes that is very see-through. Unfortuantely she is also wearing panties. There is also a scene with her in a bra that is also quite see-through.

Olga’s first nude scene is also her best. About an hour into the film, Marc Barbé slowly removes Olga’s dress and you get several closeups of her breasts. Marc then removes Olga’s panties and she just stands there for awhile. You can see her entire body and that she is neatly trimmed. Olga then lies down on the floor and waits for Marc. Marc then lies on top of her and they begin to have sex. They then roll over so Olga is on top. After a short while, they pause to have a conversation. We can see Olga’s breasts pressed against Marc’s chest in such a way that you don’t really see anything.

LAbout five minutes later, Olga has a dream sequence where she is in the shower with 3 or 4 other girls who are also naked. You see her breasts and buns. The girls then leave and Olga turns around and faces the camera but she uses one of her hands to cover her bush.

A couple of minutes later, you see Olga in the shower for real (no dream sequence). This was a pretty quick scene and again you can see her breasts and buns.

Then comes the last sex scene. Again, Olga is naked but you can only see her breasts and ass. This was a pretty long scene and ends as pictured on the right, with Olga lying on top of Marc, and one of Marc’s hands covering Olga’s privates. The trailer also shows a bit of this scene.

Here are also some more revealing pics of Olga I found on the web from her modeling days:

Also screening on Sunday was Entre Ses Mains (In His Hands) and Manderlay. In Entre Ses Mains, Valérie Donzelli takes off her towel to put on a robe and we can see her breasts in the mirror. She later dances for a bit and we see a couple of nipple slips. I passed on Manderlay as the DVD will be out in October. Bryce Dallas Howard supposedly has two full frontal scenes in Manderlay. I’ll have clips up as soon as the DVD is available.

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