Too Old to Die Young Season 1 Review

The first season of Too Old to Die Young is available on Friday and there is only a little nudity and none from Nell Tiger Free.

Nell is shown topless from behind as she lies in bed in episode 3. In the next episode, Nell has a weird scene in a bra that might be slightly see-through.

Jena Malone is topless very briefly in the shower in the last episode.

Emily Seiler is full frontal nude when someone cuts off her lingerie in episode 5. She is also topless later in the episode with some weird makeup on.

There are also some topless extras in the club in the second episode.

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As of 11:24pm EST, "Too Old To Die Young", the entire 1st season, is up on Amazon Prime. And probably elsewhere. All but the last ep are rated "18+", last ep, only 30mins long, is "16+". Most eps are 70-90 mins long.


With all these cocks in Euphoria do you think we'll get a blowjob scene?


Prob would turn out to be a contortionist who sucks his own dick.


Still no news about Virgine Efira in Sybil? The movie was released 1month agi already, I guess someone saw it ?


I’ll put you out of your misery. Yes, Virginie Efira has multiple sex scenes, some of which are then subsequently shown in flashback. Full nudity, plenty of T&A. No full frontal IIRC but there was a great scene of her being fingered on a counter that, while probably simulated, was quite realistic-looking. Adele Exarchopoulos plays an actress and briefly shows her breasts during a sex scene that is being shot for the film within the film.


i read here that she has a sex scene on it... !!!
Virgine Efira is a beautiful woman and has very good body too... !!!


8 days until Dark - season 2. I'm rather pessimistic about Antje Traue's nude scenes.. I cannot find reviews talking about nudity and or sex in the series...


in the newer post here, someone just said in the first 4 eps, no nudity yet


In case anyone was wondering the new season of Designated Survivor after moving to Netflix does not have any female nudity. There is a random male prostitute ass in the first episode and a whole lot of swearing, but no female nudity.


Damn I was holding out hope for something from Italia Ricci


Is Emily Blunt is going to be nude in any of her upcoming projects...?


Emily hasn't done a nude scene since 2004. Apparently Sicario had a nude scene and she had it cut from the script. It's possible she might do a Reese Witherspoon and do a nude scene again at some point the future, but I don't think she'll be showing anything in *ahem* Jungle Cruise or A Quiet Place 2.


Any info about Nudity in the following Netflix series which are due for release today.

Trinkets - with brianna hildebrand (Deadpool)
Jinn - first arabain Netflix original teen drama
Leila - Indian original with Huma Qureshi


Leila is rated 16+,doubt it has anything.I would be surprised if Huma did it anyway.Maybe some random butt nudity if at all


Anyone have any info on the digital release of 'Curiosa' starring Noémie Merlant and Camélia Jordana. Reviews says that it has excess nudity and sexual acts.


Some clips of Noemie have already up on ancensored


I'm more interested in Camelia Jordana and her lesbian scene with Noemie. It's not available anywhere that's why I asked for the download link of the movie.


Looks like Carla is going to come through 🙂 . Also mentions "good lighting" and going to prison (prison shower scene was mentioned).


I was somewhat excited for a second until I saw she was the one claiming it. according to her she also had a nude scene in The Brink (the HBO comedy with Tim Robbins and Jack Black.)


And there’s a long love scene... !!! 😀 😀 😀


I'll believe it when I see it.


Good lighting to an actress can have a very different meaning than it does to us haha. Hoping for the best though.


Gaite Jansen is playing a hooker in Jett so I would guess a lot of nudity is from her. The Hollywood Reporter review for it said there's a lot of "steamy sex" and also mentioned Carla Gugino's character "seducing basically every character within the frame". Not expecting it but Carla nudity would be a wonderful surprise.


Entertainment Weekly says Jett features "cheeky sexposition" and "women fighting in a prison shower" which sounds awfully promising. But yeah, I'm expecting to see more of Gaite and Elena Anaya (who's been naked in basically everything for a couple decades now) than Carla.


Carla boobs = FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP


This just in - Elle Fanning is still not nude.

/Chevy Chase


There nudity in an Amazon show? Did not somebody alleges that Amazon is no longer female nudity friendly network. lol.


Even Bezos can only afford the five combined boobs from Rachel Brosnahan, Clarkson, Hammond, and May.

In reality, they don’t need boobs - you’re not going to dump your Prime membership over a lack of boobs, you still want to order toilet paper delivered to your house on a Sunday.


All first six episodes of Jett have been rated for nudity, with second episode also having strong sexual content.


Yep and also ep 7 have nudity and strong sexual content as well. Only no info about last two episodes.


Yeah, I mean, body-double scenes really suck (I’m still bitter over Roxanne McKee in Strike Back), but if I were an actress and I saw some of the comments here, I’d want a body double on principle.

Again, how many 13 year-old boys are here? This sort of misogynistic horniness creeps me out.


I must have missed some awful stuff.

I’m glad. I enjoy naked women too much to see assholes ruin it.


Yeah, this is what people never seem to get. I bet there would have been a ton of Natalie Portman nudity over her career if not for the fact that a bunch of weirdos kept bringing up her underage stuff in The Professional and turned her off of any material in that range. She said this in an interview a few years ago, and that made sense...I always wondered what happened to the fiery actress from The Professional, and then she seemed to suddenyl be way more guarded after that, acting wise. Cause of creepy pervs.


I made a couple of comments similar to yours, le_sigh -- only for it to be deleted. It's a shame people can't enjoy the nudity that we do get (or appreciate the scenes certain performers have already done), without losing our shit.


It looks like the most offensive were deleted as well.


This a GOOD sex scene but it was going to be a very good one if Keira Knightley has done it and not a body double... !!!


Body double 🙁


WHY Keira WHY... ??? !!! ???
You just made a topless scene in Colette 2018... !!!


Now if The Boys disappoints again I'm gonna cry myself to sleep


So many penises have deflated, like three day old balloons.


Can we expect anything from Big Little Lies S2?


More scenes of Meryl Streep screaming.


Aimee Lou Wood - Sex Education (2019)


I expect something similar or even better from Sydney Sweeney.


AMAZING BIG BOOBS... !!! 😀 😀 😀


The best nude scene of the year thus far.


Indeed a great scene, but for me Vida is leading till now.


Terrible. Terrible. Terrible news.
've been waiting for this show for what, about 2 years now?
Cannot believe they are doing this. NWR did disappoint with Elle Fanning in Neon Demon and now again.

I'm wishing you have some upcoming rumors, Recapped, cuz' now I have no scenes in the future to look out for and that's unexciting.


> NWR did disappoint with Elle Fanning in Neon Demon

Neon Demon had plenty of nudity, what else were you expecting?
Elle Fanning was underage during shooting, and her character was also underage.


I expected him to have had the idea and shot the film when she was 18+.


because she was so sure to agree to a nude scene once she’d turned 18? like all the other nudity she’s done in the last 3 years?


I waited for Elle to turn 18 hoping she'd eventually do a nude scene since House MD, S2. Just kidding, Super 8 was the first time I ever saw her. (At least that I noticed.) I sure didn't start lusting after her then. She still looks cute as anything, doesn't look underage, but I still haven't switched gears to thinking of her as sexy. I've been rewatching House, in case you wondered.


Anything from the upcoming season of Legion?


some news about Joey King or Kira Kosarin in Light as a Feather?


There won’t be anything in Light As A Feather - it’s a Daytime show.


I hope one of those extras are Taylor Hill


Any truth to that Ashley Benson in The Girlfriend Experience rumour?


No, unfortunately not


As far as I can tell it came from the L Chat boards, which have a strange stan/hate culture over celebs.

Also terrible news with Nell Tiger Free. Sydney is our only hope


Oh no.