True Detective Nudity Review

True DetectiveCircle January 19 on your calendars because possibly the best nude scene of 2014 airs on HBO. For those of you who don’t read the comments on here or follow us on Twitter, MK confirmed Alexandra Daddario nudity in True Detective. Here is our review of the all the nudity in the first three episodes.

About 13 minutes into the 2nd episode of True Detective, Alexandra Daddario answers the door in a white polo with no bra underneath and pink shorts. Woody gives her a pair of handcuffs and a bottle of wine and they move toward the couch. As Alexandra bends over to poor some wine, Woody pulls down her shorts a bit and we see the top of Alexandra’s ass. Alexandra then straddles Woody, handcuffs him, and reads him his Miranda Rights. Alexandra then pulls off her top, gets off of Woody, turns around, bends down a bit, and pulls down her shorts. We get a great view of Alexandra’s ass and can maybe see a little something between her legs as we see her ass straight on. We then see a hint of muff as Alexandra turns around and straddles Woody again. Then Alexandra unbuckles Woody’s pants and begins to go down on him off screen. The entire scene is just over two minutes long with the nudity starting about a minute and a half in.

But that’s not all. About 19 minutes into episode 2, we see a far shot of Alexandra straddling Woody as she removes his cuffs. Alexandra is wearing the polo again but is bottomless so we see her ass. The camera then switches to a closer side view and as Alexandra gets off of Woody we can almost see a brief but clear view of her pussy. Although it’s shadowy, there does not appear to be a merkin as there’s not a lot of hair down there and you can kind of see a bit of lip. Alexandra, still bottomless, is now sitting to the right of Woody as they have a conversation. Alexandra reaches toward the camera to grab the wine bottle and we get a better look of her muff as she repositions and again there is no evidence of a merkin. Alexandra then turns around and we see most of her ass as she bends over to her right. Unfortunately, the bottom part of her ass is just off screen so you don’t see any vag from behind. The camera then switches to in front of Alexandra and we see part of her ass as Woody starts kissing it before it pans off of her reaction. This scene is just under two minutes long.

Back to the first episode, about 4 minutes in, we see a naked blindfolded woman tied to a tree. The actress’ name isn’t in IMDb but the character is Dora Lange. We see Dora’s ass and most of her boobs. At 24 minutes, Michelle Monaghan provides an ass shot in panties as she is waking up. 27 minutes in we see Dora Lange again cleaned up in the morgue. And at 56 minutes, we see a photo of a different naked body hanging.

Sandwiched between the two Alexandra scenes in episode 2, Alyshia Ochse shows some pokies while in a motel room. Alyshia then spreads her legs to show some lacy panties under her skirt.

At 27 minutes into episode 3, Michelle Monaghan shows her very erect nipples briefly as she is having sex with Woody. We also see part of her ass from the side as Woody pulls down her underwear. And at 44 minutes, we briefly see Alexandra wearing panties or shorts as she is yelling at Woody.

Stay tuned for more nudity reports from future episodes.

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You're all assholes getting so excited over seeing a bot of "lip", and some boobies. Get a life, you can't get a real girlfriend?


Icant wait to see that gift, U R


Alaxandra I love U !!!!


Any news on hd pics or video of alexandra daddario in true detective. ..god dayum that girl is hot enough to restart the sun


You'll get them in HD on the 19th.




recapped, any info on the first two episodes of Girls premiering this week?



MK posted that only Lena Dunhan and Gaby Hoffman will naked in first 6 eps of Girls 🙁


i kind of assumed that would be the case

thanks anyway


Can someone post caps of Michelle Monaghan's scene?


Thanks a lot for Alexandra, anything on Elizabeth Reaser?


do you have anything from bree williamson from true detective


Damn hot Daddario!. I'm gonna cum hard on jan 19


disgusting piece of shit


Screencaps are already out and they do not disappoint. Amazing breasts. She said she admires Woody Harrelson and wanted to work with him, boy did she ever. Video will soon leak... Tila Tequila who? Daddario got it on lock.


Those scenes are going to be epic when they show up in HD


Don't get the buzz around Alexandra She's cute but Eva Green...OMG!!!


Are you crazy???? She is the finest woman on the planet alexandra shits all over eva green


That is amazing!

Any news on Shameless and Banshee next?


Emmy topless in bed towards end of 1st episode of Shameless. 1st ep of this show and the other ones are on showtime demand early.


Apparently the show is awesome to begin with without nudity, but the caps seemingly makes it the must-see show of the year... here's to the glorious future of cable and premium tv


That sounds just epic!

Will You make this kind of nudity review for Banshee too? That would be great:)


Cannot wait! There are caps floating around of this scene now.


I posted this there, but I'll post it here too 😉

Merry Christmas. Hopefully this gets us all through until something real "comes up".

Ugh, that was terrible.

This isn't: