Two Lovers and a Bear Nudity Review

Tatiana Maslany has two nude scenes in Two Lovers and a Bear.

About 25 minutes in, Tatiana shows her breasts while having sex in bed with Dane DeHaan’s character. Long scene.

Then about 50 minutes in, Tatiana has another sex scene during a conjugal visit with DeHaan’s character. Brief shot of her butt as they get undressed and then both breasts with her shirt open. Long scene. Lingering shots of her breasts as they lie on the floor together afterwards.

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any news on NARCOS season 2 ?


Hey. I was wondering if you know if Ingrid Bolsø Berdal gets naked in "Westworld" where she plays Armistice? By the looks of it, it might be her pushing someone while being naked for a very brief moment in the trailer. I've been a big fan of her for years and she hasn't been naked in anything yet.


Anything on You're The Worst tonight?


Opens with what I think is the best near nudity I've seen from then, I could have sworn I saw nipple on Gretchen a couple times but it was probably a knuckle.

Also some pokies from Dorothy and a possibly slightly sheer shirt on Lindsey.

Can't wait for HQ caps.


I got me Mammal.


Nice! Where'd you find that and is there any more?


Lots more. Google celebskin forum.


I posted it on two websites, not sure if I can link them here.

There is more, yes.


Pretty great news! Thanks for the update!


Wow, Tatiana nude? That is awesome!

Does Dane DeHaan show his butt too?


Fantastic news! Many many thanks for this information:)


Is there a release date yet?


In select theatres Oct 7th:


Probably sometime late next year. It'll be in film-festival hell for awhile.