Undiscovered Gyrl Nudity Review

Britt Robertson has several nude scenes in Undiscovered Gyrl. Around 30 minutes in, Britt is shown having sex with Justin Long missionary style. As Justin thrusts, you can see Britt’s left breast under his arm. The scene is shot overhead and is very, very dark. Near the end of the movie, Britt removes her robe and gets in the bath. The scene is shot from her right side and we see her right breast and ass. Britt is also shown taking two bubble baths and you can very briefly see a bit of nipple in both scenes.

In addition, Britt is also in her underwear in several scenes. One scene in particular has Britt breathing heavily while wearing a lacy red bra that is somewhat see-through. Britt also has a sex scene with Max Carver where you see lots of sideboob. And lastly, there’s a scene with Britt curled up naked in the shower but you can’t really see anything.

Gia Mantegna isn’t in the movie much but she does have a nude scene. About 20 minutes in, Gia is topless as she walks into Britt’s room. The shot is somewhat out of focus but you do see Gia’s face and breasts. Gia is then asked to put some clothes on and we see Gia grab her boobs and cover her nipples with her fingers.

Undiscovered Gyrl premieres at the Nashville Film Festival tomorrow.

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That may well be a body double in that scene, just saying.


http://photos.britt-robertson.com/thumbnails.php?album=606 - some LQ screencaps from undiscovered gyrl (now ask me anything) - there are a couple from the robe scene mentioned


just right breast ,shot is too far. I'm very disappointed. but,when can we see the video??


Any screen caps of britt robertson anywhere, im dying to see her naked.


Exactly how great it would be if there were caps of her like ScarJo and still no distribution deal either 🙁


I saw the new trailer for Leftovers. Any news regarding this show? More specifically is there any hope for more Liv goodness??


Someone said that kristen stewart would be nude or semi nude in sills maria


Anything from Kristen Stewart in Clouds of Sils Maria or Annie Clark in Teen Lust?


Any info on Californication? Been a bit of a disappointing start compared to the show's usual standard.


Just like entourage

Once they know it's their last season and that they don't have to worry about getting more or keeping viewers for upcoming seasons they stop nudity


What about hanna verboom in gone back?


Hanna is just about as big a nudity dodger as they get. Would be highly surprised, but extremely happy if she finally got her clothes off. She has been my favorite Dutch girl for years...


Gaia Weiss on "Vikings" is one of the most gorgeous new-comers in recent memory. What more should we expect from her on the show?


Hey man, I saw you asking about this a while ago and today I was searching if Gaia had a nude scene in the uncut version of Vikings - I think it's broadcasted in the UK. So, here it is:

There is also a scene in the episode number 9 in which she goes have a sea bath, but I couldn't find anything so far.



What about Ashley Rickards in Behaving Badly?