Warrior 101 Review

Warrior finally has its series premiere on Friday. Part way through the episode, Joanna Vanderham is shown in a mirror wearing a robe with a plunging neckline. Joanna notices her husband watching her reflection from the other room so she opens her robe and we see her full frontal nude. Joanna then turns around to the doorway, lets the robe drop to the floor, and just stands there for a bit before finally closing the door. Of course, Joanna is wearing a merkin and the scene is short and somewhat dark but it is still very good.

Near the end of the episode, Olivia Cheng is nude during a sex scene. And scatterred throughout the episode are a bunch of naked extras.

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MDoM now has no release date in the Google Play store other than the description pulled from Wikipedia, and isn't even coming up in a search for me on iTunes. I'm thinking the rumors are true.


FWIW it was never listed on iTunes


Very weak source of info regarding MDoM but the photographer of the official poster has posted on Instagram that the film premieres tomorrow after mentioning how fun it was to work with Ellen and Kate.


MDOM, it's my opinion, I would be happy just to see pictures after 2 years of waiting...


It's kind of strange that Lionsgate would delay My Days of Mercy without mentioning in on their website or social media page.


It's also kind of strange that they would release My Days of Mercy without mentioning it on their website or social media page lol. Whatever they do they dropped the ball with this. We should know in the next 10 hours.


Lionsgate released a trailer that said My Days of Mercy would be released on April 5th. That's the last thing we heard from them. I really don't understand why it's been so difficult to get information about this movie. Lionsgate doesn't respond on social media, the My Days of Mercy Facebook page hasn't been updated in a year. You'd think in the Information Age it would be easier to follow the release of a movie.


Very interesting info about upcoming GOT premiere episode from GQ review:
"Even with an undead army approaching, there’s always time for sex in Westeros
Guest star Ian McShane famously said the show’s defining characteristics were “tits and dragons”. The predictable news for purists is that both make multiple appearances in episode one. Without getting too deep into spoiler territory, let’s just say the former are more numerous than the latter." Hope so it's Emilia and Nathalie!



Seriously. Don’t go further if you don’t want a Game of Thrones spoiler.

According to someone that was allegedly at the premiere last night, there is a Cersei/Euron sex scene. So the nudity is likely from the body double.


Apparently the sex itself isn't seen. Though Rebecca Van Cleave, Cersei's body double, is in the season, just later on. There's a scene with some naked prostitutes though.


Everybody on the show should find someone to sleep with in the first episode or two while they’ve still got the chance. After that point I really can’t see them finding the time.


Probably Cersei body double and some extras in a brothel.


A Cersei body double? What do you think this is, porn? Probably one hooker's tit and a guy's ass.


Cheer up guys.

Jo Vanderham tomorrow ( or Saturday morning where I am) will be great - and long overdue.
Euphoria with Sydney Sweeney in about 66 days.
Tell It To The Bees is out in about a month.

Always look on the bright side.
(I know - it’s easier to say when you’ve already seen MDOM).


Exactly! I’d rather see those than MDOM. And we have season 2 of Diablo Guardian I think is later this month. Can’t wait for more Paulina! Vida season 2 is next month and Altered Carbon Season 2 is soon as well. So many great things to look forward to!!


Hear! Hear! Isn't this simply grand? Beggars can be choosers! Apparently. Who knew?


Someone here said that Freya Mavor is nude in L’Empereur de Paris. That one is definitely out on Bluray in 2 weeks.


Coming 10 May. Mentioned in a couple of posts - nudity/sex scenes possible from Kathryn Newton & others.


Man, I hope so - what a trip it would be to see Kathryn Newton's tits.


Hope this will be a great show. The Teaser looks good and could be some nice violent moments.


For a change shall we speak of any update regarding another delayed one.
Lost Girls and Love Hotels. (LGKH)
Can anyone provide any update !
Expectations were sky high and seems the wait is long.
Any release or VOD Available ?

Also any skin about
Scarlett Johnson and Mila Kunis (Read about some here and there, any info?)
Anyway not as important as KGLH, just curious only.

Anything good Please Update


Yeah let’s get all the bad news out now.


This topic look like “my days of mercy vod explained”


Guys, calm down!
If I posted proof that I had it and people still doubted it, how the hell are you guys all giving up on it coming out friday, April 5th, from a random ass email screen print instead of questioning it?
Like I said, if it does not come out, I'll once again talk to my friend about giving it to you. I really wanted you guys to get HD quality, not filmed-by-donkey-ass quality, hence the wait, but if the supposed date doesn't play out... Well, fuck it, three pixel boobs are better than zero boobs.

With that being said, my iPhone was recording with extreme good quality, but it ran out of space without me noticing it, I'll show you the quality it was having, so good… shame it ran out before anything cool, so I only have the recording my friend did, I will once again check if he's cool with it, because there's always some risk with it, especially since I've never seen so much antecipation for any other scene and I'm just so fucking sure it will be on every single website within 3 minutes that it also raises concerns on our end.
I wont be home for the weekend, so if Friday doesn't drop, on Monday I'll update you.
Please pray for April 5th because there are two incredible scenes, like really fucking good and one of them well lit… Otherwise you will be see some goddamn minecraft boobs.

See you guys.


Going to laugh if it gets posted with one of those black editing bars


@jflobo Lol if the darker sex scenes look bad on lq quality just post the bright scene of them topless in the morning so the poor souls who haven't seen movie get a glimpse of Kate titties :p. And if you or friend scared just post vids on anonfile or megalink and close it after 30 mins.


@jflobo I more than anyone would love if the email wasn't legit. The person that posted it was from kate mara reddit page, i just posted her imgur link. I can confirm that the person she contacted is legit as I contacted her a while back asking if Lionsgate had distribution right to movie and would indeed be releasing it to which she said yes and that there would also be limited theatrical release as well (failed to mention April 5 date moving though). If the VOD does/doesn't drop it would be midnight EST thursday night. I assume you are 5-6 hours ahead since you drove to Madrid to see it, so you should know friday morning if its up or not. It would be great if u drop it than before you go out for the weekend if you get the chance, otherwise we can wait for minecraft boobs monday lol ( I really hope the email is wrong, but there seems to be a lot of chatter on twitter about it being delayed).


Think you really need to either post what you have or announce that you’re never posting it. This straddling the fence thing just comes off as an attention grab and it’s driving most of us nuts.


It's 1000000% for attention. It's why he jumped all over 1 nonsense comment on the last post and pretended to get super offended. Just saw an out/excuse and took it. He has/had no intention of posting it (for whatever reason), which is why his reasoning has been flimsy from the start and only gotten dumber as time has gone along.


He doesn’t NEED to do shit. I’m happy to wait until Monday if the next best option is May...


Thank you jflobo!!


Do you have to ask your friend when you take a shit?


9 times out of 10, movie delays have to do with the distributor scheduling. That’s all this is.


I think MDOM will still be out on Friday. You guys can calm down. As far as the cam version goes I’d rather wait for the better quality, but if the guy that has it isn’t going to get in trouble he should release it.


MDoM is never coming out & @jflobo doesn't have the goods.


Scratch that, I'm now inclined to agree with you.


June 14. Nell Tiger Free possibly nude debut.


Looks fucking awesome! Refn is really stepping up his game these days


I honestly don't give a crap about the nudity in this one but it seems like a really cool show. Thanks for posting this.


The long awaited moment of the film Wij, is available on Univers Cine. https://www.nl.universcine.be/films/wij But you have to live in Belgium, to watch. Who can buy ?


Sadly no boobs from Salome van Grunsven.


why is the rar empty when I open it? seems like it's working for other people. do I need a password?


Let's not jump om anything crazy. Wait till the 5th see what happens. There is a lot of contradicting reports on it.


"There is a lot of contradicting reports on it"

...such as?


All outlets still show the release. As well as other publicayions like recapped that haven't taken it down. Google play, itunes, yahoo, released.
Secondly, thay email string is very suspect. The only email information shows where this person email someone. There is no time stamp of the message back from clarkson, nor does it show the email address of the return message or time stamp.


The Google Play description is lifted from Wikipedia, word for word. Even states that on Google Play.

There isn't even a tweet, IG post, nothing about its impending release. It's not happening on the 5th.


@Jflobo please please post the cam shots. I have been a long time viewer of this site but never posted.

We all fapped to cam versions of Red Sparrow. You and your friend would go down as heros. I know some people talked badly/taunted you before. Look man they are trolls. Don’t let them get to you.

Please post the cam shots. And Thank You for all you posted to this day.


I hope he does. Please come through @jflobo


Gotta agree. I was willing to wait for the official release when we had an actual date, but enough’s enough. Please put us all out of our misery.

Worst-case scenario: We still have “Warrior” this week and “Diablo Guardian” the week after that. “Glow” is also coming up.


Bad news everyone.....someone emailed Lionsgate amd they said MDoM not dropping tomorrow (of course). @Jflobo it would be amazing if you dropped the lq clips now, most of us would be extremely grateful.


i just want them to release the movie so w don't have to hear about kate mara and a 12 year old boy anymore


I call BS Jacko. Shiw the header info of the response to your email. Also Lionsgate uses signature lines with logos. Nice fake, but it is a fake.


Does anyone know why this is happening?


Should be renamed to "God has no mercy".


Please tell me this a twisted and sick belated April Fool's joke..


no offence.... but how do you know this is real and not someone playing silly buggers knowing everyone is waiting for Friday?


Its real, the release has been sketch to begin with since no Lionsgate promotion/taken off website. That lady works at Lionsgate and is listed on their website for Home Releases. The person who posted it on reddit didn't really have reason to lie. https://www.reddit.com/r/Katemara/comments/b8pjj4/only_two_more_days_until_we_are_probably/


wtf why? This sucks.




Not that I don’t believe it. But at the latest it will be out May 17th, because that’s the day it’s being released in the UK - by a Non-Lionsgate distributor. So atleast there’s that.


There's also the release by Kinostar in Germany


the 19th of july


@AzeriPrince - I wouldn't hold out too much hope on May 17th till we have further stronger confirmation, given Lionsgate's vague reasoning to pulling it so close to their planned release which had strong evidence it wouldn't surprise me if it's an issue bigger than strictly distributor decision...


Wow that's bullshit, how long will it take


@Jflobo I completely respect your restraint on this topic, but even if the quality you have is a disservice to the scene please release what you have. My curiosity is just sad now, people will just keep moaning till they see it, and frankly this film is either never coming out OR it could actually use the extended online chatter of such a leaked scene to encourage the distributor to release it asap.


Please release them dude. Anything to make them stop talking about it, even for a moment.


I really dont know why they keep on changing the release date. We have been waiting from 2017. I know and understand it was at festivals, but seriously enough is enough. If they dont want to release My days of Mercy why dont they just say so.


I wonder if Kate Mara is getting cold feet and her agents are forcing LG to bury the movie?


A contract is a contract. It doesn't matter whether she has cold feet or not; she was hired to do a job, she gave her conditions, she signed and then she did the job. She now have no control over a movie that's already filmed, otherwise she would have stopped that awful Fantastic Four movie from being released.

The only thing that could happen from her end at this point would be a London Fields situation, where the other party does not respect the contract in some way. Then, she could try to stop the release. Still, there is no indication that this happen.


She spent weeks filming a movie, doubt it's cold feet and if it was they'd just edit the nudity out...


I think it's struggling due to poor festival reviews and its sensitive subject matter (at least to the U.S.). It's two fairly big (relatively) actresses so the film could hypothetically make a lot of money if they release it just right, but if they don't get it right it could lose them a lot of money and even the crew's reputations - considering it's indie production. Took a while for them to gain distributors who will take the risk, but even now it's gonna be hard for them to risk it.

FYI I'm just supplementing understanding to the situation, I do agree it's a clunky as fuck release.


It is an extremely low budget movie that will not make or lose a lot of money. It is either terrible or just a figment of our collective imagination after being completed but not released for going on 3 years now.


Low budget movies still have a budget, and paying to distribute it (as well as new marketing) costs money - with the crew having more to lose than a big budget film. It's likely bad, but they can't just write it off.


Can't help but laugh at this point.


This movie is never coming out.


Name of the Lionsgate contact checks out. What a bummer. She wasn't even able to provide an updated release date.

@jflobo...speaking as a person who was 100% on board with your plan to hold off on posting your clips so we could watch this in full HD glory on April 5th...At this point are you cool with dropping them?


Anything in Birds of Prey?


Any chance Annasophia Robb has a scene like this?


Too bad cause her ass is amazing.


Now that’s a hot girl right there!! That’s what I’m talking about.


kinda feel like she just wore pasties, that or she doesnt have nipples from the side.


Or she was in a tub with warm water and her nipples weren't hard...


yes i understand how nipples work. Some girls have nipples visible from the side and others have flatter ones you cant see from the side. Thats what i was saying in the 2nd part of my comment.


Holy shit. What a body!


Womanly and ripe. What a beautiful girl!


Well she sure looks healthy to me 😀


Anything for Kiernan Shipka for Sabrina season 2?


Was there even nudity in season 1?


A little butt that was rather badly lit and could have been a double.

This is the brightened version, which is still hard to make out.



I'd guess body double, but either way it doesn't promise much for the future :/


Hope I can see Lily collins's nude scene one day.


does anybody has link for the radhika apte, THE WEDDING GUEST..


It's no where available on internet yet


So y'all complaining about MDOM tell me that you saw this scene where Kate does the ultimate teasing in "Shooter", then heard the news that she's nude in a new movie (and on top of that it's a lesbian scene with another beautiful actress, naked), then read the freaking awesome description of that scene...and didn't get an instant hard on? I want to talk about it all day!


And yet people asking about Submission on literally every post before it came out didn't garner any complaints.


Shailene Woodley has a number of sex scenes in No, No, No, Yes.


any news on if that means nudity? she has such great boobs.


I don't know, but she hasn't had any problems with nudity before.


She's also said something along the lines of finding it ridiculous when people have sex scenes in movies while clothed, saying that's not how she has sex.


Thanks, hoping for some good butt nudity too from Joanna


So of course the prettiest one Doan doesn't take her clothes off.


I had to look up who Doan is. Now that I have seen her, Joanna Vanderham and her epic tits > Doan


Bitch, bitch, bitch. Nothing's ever good enough.


Wait until Friday. Someone will find a reason to complain about the MDOM scenes.


I’ll complain now. Lol. It will be the most overrated scene of the year. Neither of them are that hot.


Frank turns down way better every day!


Who is "that hot" to you then?


Nice. Now I just need news on Hightown, Vida, and Diablo Guardian.


nice, this Friday we get Warrior and MDOM.


I put in for a vacation day four months ago... fingers crossed this is actually the one.


I feel like the universe threw me a bone after such a long wait because my wife just so happened to get scheduled to work Thursday night. So all day at work I'll be counting down the minutes until I come back to an empty home. It'll feel like Christmas morning but with tits!


Lol yea no work is getting done friday if release is real. I really need to temper my expectations, it's been such a long wait and I am so excited to finally see Kate bare it. Curious if @jflobo, @mk or anyone who has seen film can confirm, someone mentioned Kate's tits look like the 2nd barbie in this picture.


This topic escalated quickly lol.


The one with the red hair?


You know the long wait for My Days of Mercy has made us crazy and desperate when we start breaking out naked Barbie pictures! 🙂


#MyDaysofBarbie . Lol they do resemble Kate's tits from what I remember.


big tits are always saggy ... but sometimes gravity does some really enticing things to them 😀


not always. i've messed with a girl with c cups that stood straight up, almost like bolt ons but they werent. i used to compliment her all the time telling her how she didnt even need to wear bras which was true.

course she was black and imo they tend to have superior genes in t &a. why they have big booties.


Seems about right.


April fools we got the Alison Brie news...so i was expecting something big like Jennifer Love Hewit or dunno!


What a weird expectation...


Fantastic news indeed. Joanna is an intriguing beauty, and also an amazing rack! Full frontal is quite a change from her early anti-nudity stance, hopefully she'll give some indication as to why she's gone all out in Warrior. I'm praying she does a Laura Haddock and goes on a nude streak across the episodes


It's not full frontal. She's wearing a merkin.


I would rather have merkin than just topless


Hell yeah! Thanks for review, I so can't wait for this show. I hope we will get a good butt shot too, if not this episode maybe in some another. And, so I guess that woman tweet I posted was wrong and Dianne Doan is not naked in first ep.