Welcome to Me Nudity Review

A little over an hour into Welcome to Me, there is a montage of Kristen Wiig in her hotel room. Kristen is wearing an unfastened bathrobe and we see brief glimpses of her naked body as she moves around. Kristen then goes down to the casino floor and we see her breasts from the side as she removes her robe. We then see her full frontal nude for a few seconds before she is apprehended by security.

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Please tell us if she has a nice bush please


Anyone who saw it or knows some info: during the full frontal scene, could you see bush (or the lack thereof)? We want to know how Kristen's garden grows!


will welcome to me ever be released?


During a interview she said she would do the nudity because it was important moment for the character and the script.


I'm really looking forward to this. Love this woman. I don't have reason to believe she would half ass it (no pun intended) and use a body double/CGI nudity.

If she wanted to play her career safe she would have made Bridesmaids 2 by now for big $$$$.


anything from Karen Gillan?


Call me crazy, but I'm looking forward to this!


When is it likely that caps will be posted or the dvd released?


What say you to this report that she hired a body double for the role?


Were her face and body in the same shot at the same time? If so, did you notice any CGI shenanigans (e.g. her head put onto a double's body) going on?


what are her pubes like?


trimmed, shaved, full on bush? thanks so much!


Nothing of a sex scene of her in the movie?