Westworld 101 Nudity Review

Westworld premieres on Sunday and it starts with a naked Evan Rachel Wood in a chair. The scene is quite dark but you still get a good view of Evan’s breasts. Later on, we see Evan in the chair again with better lighting but Evan’s hair covers her breasts for most of the scene. We do see the top half of Evan’s ass as she is sitting down however.

Angela Sarafyan is also topless in a well lit scene.

And there are tons of nude extras throughout the episode and series which we won’t mention in further reviews.

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Alexandra Daddario in Baked in Brooklyn?


We certainly haven't reached the part that was mentioned in contract

Fingers crossed


Angela Sarafyan


Thanks for posting these.

Can't wait for the clips.


Anything from Tania Raymonde in Amazon's Goliath, out on 10/14?


Any nudity from Gretchen Mol or any one else in Hulu's upcoming show "Chance"? It premieres in 2.5 weeks.


Here's a clip (no audio) of Jodi Balfour's nude scenes from the new episode of Quarry:


Wow, thanks for the link, the heretic! Gorgeous woman.


Simone Missick large sideboob on Ep 1 of Luke Cage. So close. Would love to see those nips


what about the new Amazon series? I kind of feel Woody aint one for nudity these days.


Any info about nude/sex scene of Emily Blunt in "The Girl on the Train"?


anything on Ingrid Bolsø Berdal ?which episode?


Anything new on Alice Eve (someone mentioned another nude scene from her in The Brits Are Coming)?


Good year or bad year for Emmy Rossum nudity in the new season of Shameless?


Thank you for the info. I suppose you'll be updating per episode as opposed to in advance. Let the suspense commence!

I feel it is highly unlikely we will get a Shannon Woodward nude debut out of this, but that is my greatest hope.



Where did that White Girl BJ screencap come from in the last post and where can we get more??


Yeah. That was odd. He must have inside access. I have looked all over for that kinda pic.

Rubber or not. Damn.


I looked too with no luck. If that dude comes back he deserves royal treatment.


Yeah, I can't believe someone actually just dropped that and then disappeared.


What about Thandie Newton? She spoke of not wanting to wear a merkin.

And I'm interested in Lili Simmons returning for nudity shenanigans.


Any Chance For Full Frontals In Next Episodes?


So none of the regular male cast gets naked in episode 1? 🙁


Thanks for the info. A lot of the reviews for this show have mentioned how much sex is in it (i.e., guests having sex with the androids). Can we expect a lot of nudity in future episodes?


Thank you for this preview.

Will Lili Simmons be naked later in series?