Westworld 104 Nudity Review

Ingrid Bolsø Berdal (Armistice) is topless briefly on Sunday’s upcoming Westworld.

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Recapped, could you please clarify something about Ingrid's scene? Do we get to see at least one breast unobscured by that giant, horrible tattoo? I am afraid that in the end we won't see anything vecause of the bodypaint, and it would be easier to be dissapointed right away... Please, wait for her nudity has been so long!


The tattoo doesn't cover her breasts. Come on, this is HBO folks!

She's topless in three separate shots in the river scene. First shot is medium distance from her left side. Good look at her left breast, brief look at her right. Next shot is from far away, good look at both her breasts straight on. Then a final brief shot of her left breast as she's putting her shirt back on to come talk with some other characters.

Clear enough?


How many episodes have you seen, MK?


Thank you very, very much, clear enough! 🙂


Seems like very good look at her breasts


White Girl with DVD release date - Dec 08, 2016

On Netflix - a little bit sooner probably



So in December we get White Girl and then Frank & Lola. Sounds like it's gonna be a good Christmas


A White Christmas...


F'n finally!


Anything in the new season of Black mirror?

And I've heard that Gal Gadot and Isla Fisher are making out in Keeping up with Joneses.


There is nudity in at least one the episodes but I've never heard of the actress - Loreece Harrison. No nudity from Alice Eve but she is in a bikini at one point.


Nudity has never been a part of the Black Mirror series so I'm not sure why anyone is expecting any. There's no nudity in the first episode with Bryce Dallas Howard and Alice Eve, which I assume is the one people are wondering about.


Recapped, do you have AAAAANYYYYYYY idea how much time until we hear anything from Frank & Lola??



Trailer released today. Looks like the scene at 0:13 is the nude scene. And it will be on digital Dec 9 so caps will hopefully be up.


Thank, Good...


It's released December 9th.


Any possibility of anything interesting from Gretchen Mol in "Chance"?


Any news on Lily James in The Exception? Screencaps or video?


The Exception didn't premiered yet and was played only at Toronto International Film Festival.


where?can you post them plese


Screencaps and video are now out for Papa which has Minka Kelly's ass as she runs into the ocean. Not much but its something. Now we need those damn White Girl clips...


Any news on Shannon Woodward?