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Ana de Armas nude sex scene from Hands of Stone:


Any news/videos on Below her Mouth ?

Any pic or video on White Girl ?


Anything on AHS or Youre the Worst tonight?


thandie is hot! very sexy woman. How much do we see this time? straight on Full frontal in good lighting would be awesome!


I really hope that the person above is not comparing Thandie Newton with Lena Dunham because... omg


Why do the ugly chicks get naked and the good looking ones dont. Nobody wants to see Thandie Newton naked.


I agree but that is how HBO is these days. The people you want to get naked don't and the people you don't want to get naked do. HBO's Girls is a perfect example of this. Lena Dunham gets naked but Allison Williams doesn't.


So Thandie Newton is ugly now? Man, we are really raising the bar...


In her prime she was something. But it is wasted nudity.


Recapped -- any more news on Talulah Riley in eps 8, 9 or 10?


How do you know she's in those episodes? If you have a link to a site with all appearances from cast members for each episode, please share! 🙂 Imdb is just generic for all unaired episodes it seems.


Recapped said couple posts ago she will be in these episodes.


What are the episodes she has been in??

She is the wife of Elon Musk. If she does not want to get naked, she wont get naked.There is nothing HBO can do.


She's his ex wife.


Yep, she's got at least $16mill in the bank (apparently) and a career as an author, and she's just released a feature. She's not as gung-ho about acting as some of her contemporaries. So you're right, she doesn't need to go naked on a HBO show. But she might.


That's girl I want to see naked on WESTWORLD... hope HBO'll deliver...


Meh....can we petition HBO to have her keep her clothes on?


Thanks for the update.

Hopefully we'll get to see more Angela Sarafyan nudity before the end of the season.


Thandie Newton? More like Thandie 'Nude-a-ton' amirite?

I'll see myself out...


I found that was dope!

I'll see myself out...