Westworld 107 Nudity Review

Another Sunday, another episode of Westworld with Thandie Newton nude. She has company this time however as this episode also features Angela Sarafyan topless and Tessa Thompson naked from behind.

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Pretty devastating that the hottest chick on Westworld is now gone and barely did any good nudity before leaving. The promotional stuff described her as the park sexbot basically but she never even had a sex scene! I think this show will get renewed because of the intense hype it got and the media and HBO would be reluctant to admit they were wrong, but it has been a disappointment on every level.


"Disappointment on ever level". That's certainly your words and not the majority of the viewers. To me it's a refreshing show with lots of twists and turns, and endless possible theories which keeps your head working both during and after the episodes. Brilliant casting as well, and Hopkins end scene in E07 gave me flashback to Hannibal Lecter. This show gets renewed because of the ratings and the amount of people watching, not because they're hiding a (false) fact that this show bombed.

Oh, and the HBO don't owe anyone any nudity, so I'm happy with what I get.


One again, such a fine ass on Tessa Thompson!


Anything on Tatiana Maslany in Two lovers and a bear? How has nothing leaked yet? Same with Kristen Stewart in personal shopper and Morgan Saylor in White Girl...


Nice Catch... 🙂

what abt White Girl ... ???


Any info about Rihanna who's appearing in Valerian which is released next year? She plays a stripper and the director seems to be hinting that she's got some pretty surprising scenes.


Considering the abundance of CGI, I have a hard time seeing Valerian be anything higher than PG-13.


Heléne Yorke has a pretty lengthy topless scene in the new episode of Graves (episode 4).


Any word on nudity in "the handmaiden "?


If by "The Handmaiden" you mean Park Chan-wook film then the clips of naked Min-hee Kim & Tae Ri Kim are out there since July.


Did any photos ever leak of Mae Whitman's full nude scene in her play?


That was some time ago, and no.


Which play is that?


The Mystery of Love and Sex. It ran in Los Angeles for about a month in early 2016. Full nudity confirmed, though I remember hearing the exposure was pretty brief. I don't think we've ever gotten pics or video from an L.A. production, possibly because theater has a much lower profile on that coast.


Any male nudity in Sunday's Westworld episode, recapped?

Appreciate the info, Thandie is very generous!


any nudity soon from Kristen Bell ?


That is highly unlikely.


Any info on "Manchester By the Sea?" It's rated R and has "some sexual content," maybe from one of the female stars? Probably not from Kara Hayward since she's 17 but she looks great.


I have reached the point where Thandie sitting naked on a chair does nothing for me. It's either her playing her part so well I'm focused on the plot or I'm just getting old. I can't decide which.



As always, thanks for the update Recapped.


I still remember my girlfriend at the time opening up to the gorgeous nude centerfold in "Tatler" magazine (back in '99?) of Thandie Newton lying naked on a bed of pink flowers. And the look on my girlfriend's face said it all. Jealous as hell. Gorgeous gal herself, though; no reason to be jealous. Well, maybe a little bit of a reason, but...

Thandie on "Westworld" has provided some of my very favorite nudity of the year. What a gift that there is more to come!


do you smell that. that smelly smell of .....


Always that someone mentions their girlfriend here it feels like I'm reading a fan fiction


Uh, why would you find it difficult to believe that I had a girlfriend back in 1999? LOL I mean, if you knew what my face looked like I could understand the skepticism, sure - but you don't. What exactly about that event seems fantastic to you?


Bush from Thandie this time around?? Also, any idea if it's a merkin or not?


She said in one interview it's her own bush.


I heard that too, but I can't find the interview after much googling. Can someone post a link or say what magazine etc?



"I don’t wax or anything. All of the hosts have full body hair because it’s more period, and even that it shocking."


Fantastic news! Thanks again for all infos. Hope Lili Simmons will deliver in episode 8.