Where Is Kyra? Nudity Review

About 50 minutes into Where Is Kyra?, Michelle Pfeiffer and Kiefer Sutherland begin making out in a dark hallway. Kiefer pulls Michelle’s pants down and we see her bottomless from the side as they continue making out against the wall. They then spin around to the other side and we see Michelle’s butt briefly. The scene continues for a bit longer but Michelle’s ass is now covered by her top.

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this week blake lively's ASS is coming for you....



In an interview with Vanity Fair, Blake said she did the first nude scene of her career in this movie. This leads me to believe that the boob shot mentioned in the reviews might be her after all, even though it's not in the same shot as her face.

We'll just have to wait and see how it compares to her previous nude pics.


Even if she's using a body double, at least we've got her nude leaks.


I missed this, what are the details? Movie? TV?


movie called “All I See Is You”. Mrskin review (posted already by others in previous threads):

“(0:00) Opening scene has Blake Lively making love. we see a little right cleavage and some brief left side boob when finished. Then she gets into the shower showing her bare back and a little right side boob. Then there is a shot of her through the glass door showering and we see buns.

(0:15) Blake Lively in a bathing suit diving into the pool and swimming.

(0:16) Blake Lively in the bathing suit in the locker room shower when she notices she is having her period.

(0:37) Bare back on Blake Lively riding Jason Clarke. We see some right side boob. Then the blanket goes down to maybe a millimeter above her buttcrack.

(0:45) Brief panties on Blake Lively on top of Jason Clarke and showing some cleavage too.

(0:56) Cleavage on Blake Lively in a dress.

(1:02) Blake Lively is in a bathtub with her nephew. We see several shots of cleavage above the bubbles.

(1:05) Cleavage on Blake Lively in a tablet view of the scene from 0:45

(1:10) The camera focuses on Blake Lively viewable cleavage at the dinner table.

(1:21) Flashes of Blake Lively having sex with a guy. We see a breast but not in the same shot as her face.

(1:26) Blake Lively in a bathing suit again swimming.”


I have to say I wouldn't be excited about this even if it was someone I really wanted to see naked...


OH come on are there people who really praise cleavage or panties? Butt ok but cleavage and panties? Lol. MrSkin means boring.


Any news on more SMILF or Shameless episodes?


caitriona balfe has a nice lengthy sex scene from today's episode of OUTLANDER . she's topless in it...but still don't understand why starz isn't showing ass of females actresses during the sex scenes this season....i'm bit disappointed.....


Frankie Shaw is topless in a bath in ep 1 of SMILF.


Is there any lesbianism in SMILF yet?


Frankie masturbates to pictures of Samara Weaving, that's it so far but that seems to be an indication that she's bisexual so there probably will be.


She also shows a bit of her ass in a hospital robe and some brief bush as she hops on a bed


In the "on this season" preview it looks like we might get to see some skin from Connie Britton. I sure hope so, been waiting 10 years to see her naked.


Spin City aired starting 1996, so about 20 years wait for me


tahnks man...where did you get the snap ?
n can you post the full movie link ?


I only rented the movie


Abbie Cornish or Suki Waterhouse in The Girl Who Invented Kissing?


I saw the thread about Weinstein in the previous review and I had a question of my own from it. Obviously, what he did was horrible and none of us here condone that at all, lets make that clear. Now then having said that.... Don't you wonder what acctresses went along with it and became stars because of it ( IE the casting couch type stuff)? I mean, every story we are hearing is how all these unknown and known actresses were victims but they all say they refused him, etc. Maybe its just me, but I dont think the guy would try the same thing over and over again if he wasnt successfull with it more times than not. I just think it would be interesting to know what, if any, stars (known names) basically sold themselves to be a famous movie star.


There's blame to go around, starting, of-course with Weinstein and his own awful, very demented choices. Even Chelsey Handler blamed women, too. I get that this episode isn't about men. While sexual assault in the US has a frequency rate of about 0.01%, meaning, 99.99% of us never would do it, still, many women are in-fact sexually assaulted and raped every year. This does need to change. And we do need to do a much better job teaching young boys how to better treat girls and young women. No question! We really do need to do this, imo. So for this reason, these events are positive.

I will add this. It's absurd that the media has already charged, found guilty and hanged him. We, as a society, have to find a way to stop doing this. It's just so not right. The hysteria cooked-up over this is utterly insane and nobody even knows all the facts. It actually makes no sense whatsoever this man actually "raped" women. He didn't have to. Ever. Plus he was one of the most powerful people in the industry. Rape is not something people like him do. They use power to "influence consent." That's typically how this goes. But men like Harvey don't violently rape women against their will. That's actually rather absurd if you think about it. He would have to not only be a truly horrific criminal, but one of the dumbest business leaders ever in history. So, to me, conventional wisdom tells me these women are really pissed they consented and their careers went nowhere. Finally, I think it's also important to add, many high profile women came out and said this stuff is everywhere and it's just the "tip of the iceberg." Hmm, thems some bold statements. I'm not so sure we're going to see more Weinsteins outed. If we don't, that only further supports the idea of the crazy hysteria surrounding all of this. And I do think if no other Weinsteins are outed, anywhere, many women, only out of fairness to the male gender, have at least tiny bit of explaining to do.


Considering it is known that he settled with eight accusers, he clearly did not understand his actions could result in legal issues. Once you paid off multiple people either you do not want to stop or cannot stop doing the questionable things; so it is likely that eight are only the ones that felt they could go after him rather than the total number of incidents.
Now looking at the case of Asia Argento, after what happened to her she when are wrote, directed and starred in the film Scarlet Diva (2000) which had a scene where a beaded fat film producer rapes a young actress during a meeting where he returns to the meeting in a robe and tries to get the actress to give him a massage.


"Maybe its just me, but I dont think the guy would try the same thing over and over again if he wasnt successfull with it more times than not."

BINGO. Weinstein is a maggot but the girls that gave in to him further encouraged his predatory behaviour and have some responsibility in this whole fiasco. I hope he writes a book and exposes them one day. The drama would be off the charts.


Elizabeth Olsen in Kodachrome?


Nicole Kidman has a couple of nude scenes in The Killing of a Sacred Deer. In both scenes she shows her shaved nether regions. One of the scenes has also some additional boobs and buns footage.


From ratings site: nothing about frontal nudity.

Infrequent portrayals of sexual activity - breast nudity, some detail
Infrequent buttock nudity in a non-sexual context


oh come on, you’re trusting a ratings site now?


This rating site (Alberta) is always pretty accurate. We will see.


From commonsensemedia:
A married couple has sex; she pretends to be under anesthesia while he kisses her body, and he touches himself under his clothes to prepare. The woman is shown both topless and (briefly) bottomless. A man's bare bottom is seen. A teen girl strips to her underwear to seduce a teen boy. A woman attempts to seduce a married man by kissing/sucking on his hands and fingers. A verbal story of stimulating a man to sexual climax. A woman gives a man a "hand job" in a car; nothing graphic shown.

There are also several strong sexual situations of various types, including both partial nudity (bare breasts/bottoms) and brief female full-frontal nudity.


For Alexandra Daddario fans... The status of I Am Not A Bird went from 'pre-production' to 'filming' on IMDb today. Fingers crossed for some well-lit shots of those amazing tits.


Is IMDb really reliable in that regard?


Point being I'd like to see photographic evidence that they've begun filming.


Well, a certain someone is currently in Japan...

Source: Snapchat alexdaddario
I wonder if they will film the sex scenes first. I read somewhere that it's common practice.


"Why am I being downvoted? I'm happy this is starting filming."

People are weird.

You're absolutely right ADFan, anyone can edit the IMDb info and we should not always trust it. The page has been updated again showing the Japanese actors as part of the cast now.


Why am I being downvoted? I'm happy this is starting filming.

It's just that IMDb can't always be trusted.

And in my defense, my question was valid at the time it was posted because at that point, there was no evidence that it had begun filming.


Yeah, I just saw that.

It is true, then.


Let us know if we get anything from Anna Torv in Manhunter. Thanks.


The whole season was released last Friday - nothing from Anna.


Christ Hayley Atwell is god tier, praying she gets naked in Howard's End. Does the BBC allow nudity?


Double-D'd Goddess!!!!!


The BBC absolutely does allow nudity, though the expected Sunday 9pm BBC 1 timeslot makes it a bit more unlikely. They partnered with Starz for this though, so that increases the odds a bit.

There was no nudity in the most famous adaptation of Howards End (the 1992 one that won an Oscar) but a new take on the book could add something.

Basically I’d say chances would usually be quite low for this, but for the involvement of Starz.

It should air first on BBC towards the end of November.


Damn!!! This woman is full figured.

Ever notice that it seems like many female actors with very large breasts are kind of not allowed to do nudity? As if directors feel that very large breasts is just too much, or something. Like it's offensive or pornographic because they are simply "large."


I've noticed this trend as well among busty actresses, but it's not because they're not allowed to or the directors won't let them. They just don't want to do it unfortunately.


From what I've seen of Hayley I'd bet good money all she'll ever do is tease and never show anything. She and Christina Hendricks.


Unlikely, she in past used a body double, if it happened I'd be the first to be happy. I'm skeptical.
BTW, what are the actresses from body double switched to do their own the nude scenes? Example Alison Brie and Kate Mara.


The best we will probably get of her is on Black Mirror. The Pillars of the Earth was a body double.


Only the butt shot could have been a double. The sex scene had her face in the same Shots & had a ton of boob visible.


She's wearing nipple pasties for the far shot and you can't see her face.


Kate Mara didn't used body double.


Guys, in the interview everyone talks about trying to give credence to the idea that she didn't use a body double, she never denies it. She literally just slyly asks the interviewer who asked her the questions "Who would say that?" and then talks about knowing there would be nudity in the show. Never says that she herself did any nudity. Add to the fact that Mr Skin states that its a body double (and his site is notorious for calling butt crack slipping out of the top of the pants as nudity. Meaning they are desperate to call anything nudity, and he still insists its a body double) I dont know why everyone is so desperate to believe its her in HOC..... oh well, we will get to see it soon enough in her new movie, for real this time


Well, could she gave straight answer: "yes it was body double / no it wasn't body double"? Sure, but she chose other words that (if you would read / watch other her interviews) are very much in her style of speaking. For me "Who would say that?" is more the answer "it was me" than "it wasn't". But look at Mary Elizabeth Winstead case - when she was asked on twitter if she used body double, she either didn't said "yes/no" but "Please. I did not do those squats for nothing!" and yet MrSkin right away rejected bd suspicions. MrSkin is a very good site but not the best, that have still many mistakes (I myself corrected them once as they listed wrong actress in one film) for example they still claim Hannah New used body double in one of her Black Sails scenes.


That second pic looks horrid, she's past her prime.


A brief butt shot from Michelle Pfeiffer gets its own post?


Recapped is like that. They mention Michelle showing skin again after a long time (which is always welcome), but not that on the latest episode of The Deuce no less than 7 actresses got naked.


Again with the downvotes just for making an observation? This really discourages others from posting comments.


I guess because clips of all naked scenes from ep 3 to 7 "leaked" before September?


and comments 😀