Wild Honey Pie Review

We’re going to post some short reviews from movies we’ve seen over the last little while that aren’t available yet. Not all of them have nudity.

First up is Wild Honey Pie. You may be shocked to learn that Jemima Kirke is naked again in this movie. About 35 minutes in, Jemima shows her breasts and some distant bush underneath the water while taking a bath.

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Answering my own question from a couple posts back about that YouTube Premium series Sideswiped. The full season was released today, with the first two episodes available for free. You can see most of Carly Craig's butt near the end of episode two (with a longer, clearer shot of man ass in the same scene). The show is rated TV-MA, so there's at least the possibility of more in the remaining episodes, but I'm not holding my breath. A review from today confirms "very little is shown in the way of nudity,"

In potentially better news, the SyFy series "The Expanse" is moving to Amazon for season 4 and its showrunner has already said (at Comic-Con) "we don't have the nudity restrictions" going forward.


The Deuce season 2 starts September 9! Nothing like a great show that has great nudity.


"Infrequent portrayals of female frontal and buttock nudity in a non-sexual context" in A Simple Favor with Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively.
BTW: answer to user Quecho about my "The Spy Who Dumped Me" post on "July 18, 2018 Rumors". Just check some rating boards... you are wrong.


JUST wanted to know,, As per the Actresses " Blue is the WArmest Color" , They filmed a lot of scenes which didnt turn up in the Theatrical Cut ... Is there any other cuts Available... ?? with complete deleted scenes ...


I think we got plenty! The infamous, almost 10 minute, sex scene that made feminists and "male gaze"-haters all over the world lose their shit!


Anything from Castle Rock? Jane Levy in particular...


Seeing as the series is from Stephen King, his movies/shows aren't particularly known to have a pedigree for nudity in them. Hell, even "Gerald's Game" had none from Carla Gugino and that was one that was begging for nude scenes, so I wouldn't hold my breath on any from "Castle Rock."


I just wanted to ask the same. 🙂


Hey guys there’s a new show on basic cable - any chance of nudity?


Any update on My Days of Mercy release date?


What about I Am A Bord?!?!?


Lulu antariska in what still remains?


Filmed with a potato


a digital potato , be more precise 😀


somebody post that to pete davidson insta and twitter


But what about Dakota Fanning in the Alienist?


Still nothing.


All About Nina - - Rated R for strong sexual content and
language throughout, some nudity and brief drug use.


MEW shows her breasts, rides a guy - and gets eaten out from behind.


It's gonna be great to finally get to see Mary Elizabeth Winstead's tits onscreen in all their glory. About time, too.


Really liked the show "O negocio" . Any future nudity from actresses of this show????


Bad news, TIFF released their film list and I Am Not A Bird is NOT listed


Don't worry, it is just the first batch, which mostly consists of films backed by big studios, even a movie like Vita and Virginia is not the part of the early line up.


Yeah. Last year there were a total of 255 feature films and 88 short films. Current 2018 list is just a fraction.


I know beggars are frequently choosers around here, but this disdain/indifference is a little much. This is a woman who gets completely naked all the time. We need more people like her whether you’re into her or not.


Hard pass on Jemima


Ok, I'll look for you.


Not a fan of Jemima but looking forward to more updates


Can't say I've even heard of Jemima, so can't get too excited by this.

Does anyone have any tips for "should see" scenes from recent years or way back with well known/fairly well known actresses from movies rarely if ever mentioned.
An oldie for you - Shirley McClaine in The Desperate Characters. The scene is a bit grim but we do get a good look at her lovely pair of tits.


You know what we want, recapped, make some big names get naked.


I don't find Jemima Kirke particularly attractive -
I fancy her sister, Lola , more.