Wild Nudity Review

If you’ve been following the comments on our site, you’d know Reese Witherspoon gets naked quite a bit in Wild. Most of the nudity is in flashback and really, really brief. In fact, the first flash is right near the beginning of the movie before the title. There are about four quick flashes of Reese’s tits or ass throughout the movie. About half an hour in, the only non-flashback nudity occurs when Reese steps out of the shower and we see the top of her ass and her breasts reflected in the mirror. Around 68 minutes in, there is a longer scene where we see a closeup of Reese’s breasts as she licks her finger. We then see Reese’s ass as her sex partner flips her over and starts doing her doggy style. At 80 minutes, we again see Reese’s breasts as her husband finds her and she sits up in bed.

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Is there male nudity shown? I read it was shown but from a distance, was it clear? And was the guy hard or soft? Was he big?


Does anyone know if KStew goes nude in Camp X-ray?


Hopefully not.


For those that have seen Gone Girl, is Ben Affleck shaved?


This is getting fucking ridiculous now? Only brief glimpsed of Rosamund Pike's butt, whilst Neil Patrick Harris & Ben Affleck go full frontal? Fuck David Fincher.

Seriously why are American/British film makers so afraid of vaginas? Women will endlessly prattle on about double standards, but are completely blind to the fact that the majority of nudity is performed by males ...


they don't go full frontal. They dont go nude at all, this was a joke methinks.


Is rosamund's nudity really that lame? Because mr skin confirmed you see boobs and butt


I saw gone girl today. Pike nudity are very brief but many sexy scenes. Emily ratajkowski show boobs in 2 scenes, before sex and after


yep. People who saw the movie said theres only little side boob and ass. disapointing.


This week's MPAA bulletin

films rated for nudity

The Blue Room (French film)

Rated R For sexual content including graphic nudity.

That's it for this week


According to E!, Ben Affleck goes full frontal in Gone Girl and shows penis.


who cares about some dude hanging dong? homo


still no info on whether rosamund pike gets nude in gone girl??


According to some infos she is naked in, I believe, 2 scenes.


Just saw Gone Girl and it's hard to say. There's a brief shot of her in bubble bath. Didn't appear to be any nip slips. Later in the film some great shots of her in lingerie, including some cheeky panties. Possible nudity while lifting up lingerie but dark. Perhaps butt through frosted glass in the shower. Side boob shown, but couldn't see if nipple visible.

Emily Ratascwoski or whatever showed breasts twice. Once lit, second shadowy.


anything on sharon leal in addicted?


Now that we are coming down to the final episodes of "Boardwalk Empire" should we expect any more from the great (in beauty and talent) Gretchen Mol?


Anything from Brooklyn Decker in stretch??


does anyone know if salma hayek actually gets nude in everly?


This weeks MPAA bulletin

films rated for nudity

lots this week

1.Bad Ass 3

Rated R For violence, language and some sexuality/nudity.

no famous actresses in it as far as I can tell

2.Hollows Grove

Rated R For some violence/disturbing images, language, sexual references and brief nudity.

all unknowns in it

3.The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Rated PG-13 For action violence, some suggestive content, and partial nudity.

Release Date: August 14, 2015Top 5000

Elizabeth Debicki is in it

4.Skin Trade

Rated R For strong violence throughout, disturbing sexual content, nudity, drug use and language.

no famous actresses in it, but we can always hope for full frontal Dolph Lundgren (or maybe not)

5.Welcome To New York

Rated R For strong sexuality, graphic nudity, a rape and language.


Rated R For a sex scene, brief nudity and violence.

I can't find this movie on imdb


Margot Robbie shows her butt in Suite Française.


I have one little question - have You maybe seen the rest of The Knick episodes? Anything from Eve Hewson?


Heard the Robbie info second hand... No more details at the moment sadly.

No more info on The Knick or The Affair yet.


where's your source?


Thanks MK for info, You rule! Can't wait to see it. Is this scene a long with good light if I may ask.

Have You any scoop about The Affair?


Will there be any full frontal scene in wild..... what about in dvd ???? Reese witherspoon's full frontal was most anticipated nude of the year beacause of the acting credentials ,duration of nude scene, full frontal in pubic..... pussy shot..... Its bad to here its all a hoax......


Any idea of when we can see Kristen Wiig bare it all in Welcome to Me?


Salma Hayek will be nude in the violent action film EVERLY according to various early reviews. No current release date. Despite the film's Christmas-time setting filmmaker and star in interview mention February as a possibility.


rosamund pike in gone girl?


Caitlin Fitzgerald has a nude scene towards the end of tonight's Masters of Sex


Jessy Chastain in Salome and Wilde Salome, anyone?


"Wilde Salome" opens in limited release today and now we have a DVD/VOD release date: November 10th! Whether screencaps of the lovely Chastain will be seen before then is up in the air but at least we know that our long search is finally nearing its end. (Source: http://ukfilmnews.com/?p=3662 )


Anyone who has seen the movie want to tell us how Reese's body is holding up after 16 years, two husbands, and a couple of kids?


Bad News

Nothing from Missy in Back Country

Good News

Mia Wasikowska shows breasts in Madam Bovary

Patricia Clarkson Breasts in both October Gale & Learning to Drive


"Mia Wasikowska shows breasts in Madam Bovary"

How much of her is shown?


ANYTHING on Gillian Jacobs? She's got Hot Tub Time Machine 2 and Girls coming up. Seems like both are good chances of her getting nude.


Check out the movie Choke.


I've already seen Choke. That's not what I'm asking about.


That's where you'll find her nude. Possibly Girls, but doubt highly you'll see her unclothed in HTTM 2.


This weeks MPAA bulletin

films rated for nudity

lots this week


Rated R For strong sexual content, nudity, language and brief drug use.

Release Date: October 10, 2014

staring Kat Graham

Chrysalis (John Wyndam novel?)

Rated R For violence and gore, and a scene of sexuality/nudity.

A man and woman kiss. They take off each other's clothes, the woman's breasts visible.

nobody famous is in it (at least, not to me)

Dug Up

Rated R For horror violence/gore, sexual content, nudity, language and some drug use.

nobody famous is in it (ditto)

Force Majeure

Rated R For some language and brief nudity.

Swedish movie

Rhymes For Young Ghouls

Rated R For violence, drug use, language, sexual references and graphic nudity.

nobody famous in it

The Salt Of The Earth (documentary)

Rated PG-13 For thematic material involving disturbing images of violence and human suffering, and For nudity.


5th for Missy. Where did you hear/read about a skinny dipping scene?


Dreadcentral's review mentions it.


I guess recapped hasn't seen Missy's movie.

I've seen one review mention skinny-dipping, nothing more detailed than that.


3rd for Missy Peregrym


I second missy peregrym in backcountry. Any info on the skinny dipping scene


Is Celebtop down?



Don't think it's the feds. Happened a few weeks back too. Typical server issues, me thinks.


How do you sign up for c-top forum these days? Or is it completely private?


Ten days until Jessica Chastain's "Salome" opens up in limited release in the U.K. Any chance we'll hear anything more about it soon? Long shot, eh?


Just saw Salome and Wilde Salome. Identical version of key striptease scene in both. Scene about 3 mins long and VERY hot, with lots of writhing, belly dancing, etc. She goes topless for the final half of it. No lower half nudity.


Dear Lord! Thanx for the review, AJ. You're amazing. So you mean she's actually topless for half of the dance itself - or topless for half of the scene beginning at the end of the dance? If she is actually dancing topless... holy fuck! My erection would never go down. How good is the view that we get?


Well it's a striptease, so she takes her top off (several lingering and good shots of breasts) and then completes the dance. REALLY sexy. Unfortunately she covers up afterwards. It's no more than you see in Jolene.


kate winslet in a little chaos?


According to IMB she was pregnant during filming so... unlikely.


just a heads up, jennifer connelly shows her bush in shelter!


Anybody know the pubic hair situation for Jennifer Connelly in Shelter? Is she rocking a full bush or is it shaved?


Full bush, but it isn't as sexy as you might think. Rather disturbing. The cum on her face is also disturbing...not hot


You missed the best part: "Twenty minutes later, there's an even more shocking scene where we see a shot of her face with cum all over it after a security guard expects something in return for giving her a place to sleep"


When her partner flips her over and does her doggy style does he "fuck" her hard or soft? Does she moan during the sex?


Any info on Missy Peregrym from Backcountry?


Maybe the full frontal report was BS or misremembering?


Possible. There was only one reviewer who mentioned full-frontal, if I remember correctly. People's memories can play tricks on them. There's no way of knowing. Still, I am still very excited about this! After La Chastain in "Salome" it is the nude scenes I am most excited for for the remainder of 2014.


I wonder when the stills will be released to the internet. Likely soon as it's being played in several festivals. I assume copies are being sent out to academy reviewers as well.


Well, it premiere in December 5, so I think screeners will be send somewhere around the end of that month not sooner.


Maybe, but I do not recall any leak of screener for movie that likely be consider for Oscar before at least beginning of December. Just saying, if it will be released sooner than I'm happy with that.


No screeners are sent out to critics and academy members when they start hosting events for WGA, PGA, etc. Those usually start in October and November.


This is a bit funny.After the movie nymhomaniac every movie which is being filmed with famous actresses will grow by two versions.So the movie Wild.This way a single movie sold twice.


is there any chance that the full frontal scene be included in the extras from the bluray?


sad that the full frontal scene when Reese is caught by the husband was cut from the final footage


So no full frontal.