Zhu Zhu Nude in Secret Sharer

As requested in the comments, here is a compilation of all of Zhu Zhu‘s nude scenes in Secret Sharer. Zhu Zhu is best known to Western audiences for playing Kokachin in Netflix’s Marco Polo TV series.

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Will The Layover be screening at the SxSW film festival?


How did they get away with the nudity in Of Kings and Prophets on ABC? And does anyone know if there will be more from Jeanine Mason?


The showrunner said they want to push the envelope and may edit the broadcast version and leave the unedited version for online viewing. Given that I wouldn't expect them to push it too far beyond what you might see on network television. Given the critical reaction and initial ratings I doubt it'll last past the original six episode order,.


Whoa missed it. Are there caps posted?


Probably was an international version, like Vikings does.


Any nudity on tomorrow nights shows?

Also who cares about the post record?


sorry I was just taking the piss


Bosch season 2?


Strippers in a club. Girl jumping out of bed topless during a raid.


Random girl in ep 1 and that's it.


700 comments. I think that's a new record. sorry I thought I would get that in first, and a bit premature lol


That would be impressive if 500 of them weren't you counting them up.


how to plan orgy in a small town released in CANADA and also online


What about Katharine Isabelle any nudity?


Her, Jewel Staite, Tommie-Amber Pirie and Lauren Lee Smith (along with some dudes) all do a nude run down the street to end the film. However you don't see their faces but, unlike the previous poster, I think Jewel's tattoo (and body) look legit to be her and all the rest match the actresses body types. By no means a confirmation its them, but think it is. Other than that she just has a bunch of scenes in a bra.


Sorry, to be specific, its full rear view including ass for everyone in the streaking scene.


Also, you know nothing about film making if you think a production of this scale could afford to waste money hiring bds for a scene like that. It's them. Seriously.


I'd hate to be one of the schmucks who funded it on the promise of what they said they were going to deliver.

Not even convinced the butts at the end are their's. Jewel's tattoo looks wrong and Katherine's looks too skinny.

Aah, well only another week to be disappointed by the bronze for the same reason.


Anyone else nude in it?


There is a topless scene with whom I believe to be Zoe Cleland


Huh... you're actually right. Caps are out. Nothing from Jewel Staite. You suck, Jewel.

Oh well, we can now finally hearing about this. One more week and we can finally be done with The Bronze too. Things are looking up.


652 comments, i think that's a new record


Is it a decent scene?


Black Sails ep 8 - Sex scene with Jessica Parker Kennedy and another girl, breasts from both.


Last we JPK was given a whore she took upstairs to have sex with, the actress being new on the scene Nevena Jablanovic, quite the essence of beauty. If this is her in the sex scene il cream myself.


It is Nevena Jablanovic, so cream away


Damn. This is what the GOF Dany and handmaiden scene from the book should have been like, the one we all hoped Nathalie Emmanuel would take part in since they killed off the other actresses.


Game of frones?


Still waiting on Lise Slabber again. Hottest body on the show


641 comments, new record ??


And counting.


Any nudity from Sunday night shows?


639 comments, Is that a new record?


anything in Flaked?


Only in episode 1, nudity by Lina Esco.


Is this Netflix new thing? Put nudity only in episode 1.


Nipples freed!


Just finished Vikings. There is a possibility that Morgane Polanski shows something. We shall see...


It's worth noting that no critics will be receiving Game of Thrones screeners this season. It's likely being done to avoid the leaks that happened last year, as well as keep any potential Jon Snow plot points under wraps for as long as possible.

With that in mind it's likely that any nudity reports will be total BS unless they're coming from deep inside HBO HQ.


Maisie Williams has nude scene in new season of GOT , and don't listen the guys who said no way , impossible , I have seen episode 5 and 6 of the new season and she is nude !


HBO has said that there will be no preview screening of GoT this year....


There wasn't any preview. I snuck in through the air-vents of the editing bay and hid while they were watching these scenes.

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Agreed. Stfu. No chance. Post a screencap


of course...shut the fuck up loser


604 comments, is that a new record?


Are you going to keep posting this every few comments?


Has anyone found anything from Briana Evigan in Toy? Share with the rest of us!


Yes trailer is on youtube


Any gifs at least? I found caps only


Nope there is only caps


I really hope Sophie Turner or Maisie Williams get naked on Game Of Thrones


Not a chance lol


same and don't listen to the idiots who say they wont because they don't know shit, probs the same people who said that emily kinney would never do nudity


0 chance. Emily Kinney shouldn't have lol no one wants to see a little boy


Yeah, because when actors and actresses get naked it's purely for your and our aesthetic pleasure. And if they have a body that deviates from televisual standards, it's something that should be kept hidden- something they should feel ashamed of. Way to not come off ignorant.




I never claimed feminism. I'm just a decent human being who believes that nobody should feel ashamed for the way they look. I doubt any of the actors/actresses read these comments but there might be some people here who deal with body insecurities so it's just worth pointing out.


It never fails to amuse me how anyone that tells you off in a highbrow manner is a wuss or a feminist.


Cracks me up how you get all these armchair feminists on a CELEBRITY NUDITY blog lol just shut up already.


any updates about Mae Whitman naked in that play? anybody got pics?


Is is bordering on very average. And all you do is spam the board about her. No one cares for your fetish. Just go watch her play u perv


my first time posting about her friend


Lies, who else would even know her except the perv whos been banging on about her for last few weeks.


Sophie yes Maisie no.


I really hope for Sophie Turner and/or Maisie Williams. There was a preview chapter from the next ASoIF book, where Arya stripped naked to seduce a guy. So maybe we are lucky.


Sophie definitly no and Maisie definitly no


Where are clips from Toy with Briana Eviagan? There are a lot of caps and gifs, but no clips.


Yeah? I've been searching and haven't found anything. no caps, no gifs, nothing


Must try harder


Sucks we'll never see the pilot for her HBO show Open that wasn't picked up. The show explored sexuality so it was practically guaranteed.


Nope. They hired body doubles for the main actors.


I'd love to see Anna Torv get her kit off.


Perhaps if Fincher says so.


Who was the female lead in Fringe?


If we're lucky that hot chick I'm the jail with magnificent tits will get naked again. Rosabelle something?


1st GoT trailer is out and the only nudity teased is from a random whore and guess who, Carice Van Houten.


The random whore mentioned above in the game of thrones trailer may turn out to be slightly more interesting as it looks like a scene with yara greyjoy who is played by Gemma Whelan. Im all for a bit of girl on girl!!


Is there any chance for a main actress to get naked besides Carice in GOT?


Nope, none. GoT's days of marquee nudity are over.


Sad but true.


Don't care about the main cast, Carice is the best anyway.


Carice Van Houten is a babe, and you can always count on her


Melanie Liburd is playing another Red Priestess, so if getting naked is a common characteristic, she will hopefully have some scenes to rival Carice Van Houten. Liburd had a terrific nude scene in Strike Back so she's game. Google her pic... she's as hot as any woman whose ever been on the show.


Question for some of you.

Which nude rumour did you hear/read but not believe?

I will start with Scarlett Johanssen, I honestly didn't believe a single rumour of her being full frontal nude in a B movie from Scotland. 'Into the Skin'.


Kristen Stewart, Shailene Woodley!!!


Katie Holmes, that was a shocker!

El Burro is Mexican for hitman

Eliza Dushku for me.

Then there are Natalia Portman and Jennifer Aniston. Of course the nude scenes they filmed were never released. Pussies!


Id have to go with Sarah Silverman. Never though shed go fully nude aftef hearing the rumours.


I didn't believe Alexandra Daddario would get naked on True Detective until the trailers.


Daddario was def a surprise after years of teasing us in bad horror films


any upcoming male nudity?


Everybody Loves Raymond


does ray show dick?


haven't seen it, but he's been very vocal about having a sex scene in episode 7 during pretty much every talk show appearance


Dude must be hung like Holmes if he's bragging that much about it


Donald Trump in "You Can't Always Get What You Want"


Just saw a new Melissa Rauch interview, she talks about when she exposed herself by accident to make up crew then after interviwer says we wont see it on Bronze, she smiles and yes you are gonna see quite a bit!

Interview seemed like that low chance of nudity has gone up to at least topless.


Can someone explain what the big deal is with Melissa Rauch getting naked? She's really homely looking. Is it because she's on Big Bang Theory?


Guys on this for I'm go crazy over much worse looking women than her. She is at least cute.


yeh mostly nerds


And she has big tits


damn...that is one lucky makeup artist.


How do you become a makeup artist or fashion photographer or any other job that lets you fondle some celeb boobs?


Newsflash photographers don't fondle boobs. Those that do face lawsuits lol unless you're uncle Terry. Makeup artists generally don't either. Stylists may brush a boob or get to oil them up but that's usually reserved for gay guys or chicks.


Found the interview here:

The exposing makeup incident starts at 5:50ish and isn't related to the Bronze but actually Big Bang Theory.


Yes, but clearly afterwards he asks about the Bronze and then she says 'You'll See'


If I had a penny for every time an actress exaggerated about nudity in an upcoming film she was in, I'd have enough money to hire actresses to strip in my living room.


This is true unfortunately. Jennifer Aniston mastered that trait many moons ago!


There's at least 1 (possibly non-nude) sex scene from Ashley Greene in the upcoming 4th season of Rogue. Check out the trailer. Starts March 23rd.


Rachel Rosenstein is gorgeous.


Angeline Appel will be in the next episode of shameless. Finger crossed


There is only 2 weeks left of Mae Whitman in “The Mystery of Love & Sex” and full frontal. Is no one going to get some footage of this? Please someone in LA get on this!!!!!


How about you go to LA and just see it for yourself


Not gonna freak out on other people for not going since I haven't booked my flight to L.A. either. Still, really surprised the internet has zero pics or videos of this. Is the door being handled by TSA or are people too embarrassed to admit that they think Anne is actually kinda hot?


I have this distinct impression this opportunity will go to waste.


Anything on Vinyl?


No nudity in last night episode.


there's a lot of albums on vinyl these days


Angeline Appel nudity in shameless episode ?


description of nudity ?


Sherilyn Fenn and 3 sorority girls on Shameless tonight.

A lot of Macy is shown. Cameron Monaghan shirtless. And the dude the plays Ian's boyfriend show his ass.


Full frontal from Rachel Rosenstein getting into bed with Lip and then mounting him.

Boobs from Angeline Appel trying to get Lip off, then mounting him.

During the credits, Lip in a threesome with topless girls Jocelin Albor, Maria Breese, and someone else.


Gotta say the Lip - grandma scebe was hilarious


what body parts were shown?


Fenn showed her breasts in a sex scene with Macy. Pretty long scene too. The sorority girls showed a little of everything. Mostly breasts, but I'm pretty sure we had full frontal from at least one of the girls.


just checked, there is full frontal female nudity


alright, thanks bro


Elizabeth Debicki in today's The Night Manager S01E03

Bathing naked in the sea


wat do we see?


Butt and left breast.


i'm watching 11.22.63 and have fallen in love with sarah gadon. she was nude in 'enemy' and 'maps to the stars', i hope she gets nude again soon. any info on that? thanks!


(This was in response to the question about House of Cards season 4 )


I've watched 9 episodes so far and no nudity yet... I'm not optimistic about the last 4.


I hope Karen Hassan has more nudity in Vikings. The new scene was so fleeting. The earlier scene was a nice look but it'd nice to see a better look in a sex scene. Karen is amazing, one of the most underrated beauties in the biz.


Where are y'all getting these international versions of Vikings? I can't find them anywhere.


Karen Hassan is not underrated, she's mostly unkown.


What's the difference?


Search for yourself.


Downloaded the epi 4..

Didn't found any nudity .

Help ???


The version that airs on The History Channel has nude scenes cut out. The International version has the nude scenes, so you have to look for that.


Not a chance.


Melissa Rauch. The Bronze. Talk to me.


Melissa Rauch will NOT be naked, only a body double.


No one knowssssssssss but we will all find out in about a week


Out in less than two weeks. Keep your panties on.


Yub there is a nude scene. And i'm 20$ sure


Anyone know when Act Super Naturally is supposed to come out?


Anything from tomorrow night that we know of? Togetherness or shameless or vinyl or billions.


No nudity in Billions in the rest of the season. Nothing in Vinyl and Togetherness. Only nudity in Girls (but as trailer shows it will be Lena) and in Shameless (Angeline Appel and maybe more).


Check out the twitter account of comedian/writer/... Sara Benincasa. She claims she will be very nude on sundays girls, before she will appear again (at least) topless in her kickstarter funded short THE FOCUS GROUP


Eh. Not attractive, not a good figure.. see her body at link here. I'd almost rather see Lena Dunham naked again.



house of cards season 4 nudity news ?


Sex scene or just nude scene?


Will Natalie appear nude on GoT?


anything from Black Sails?


Hannah New - butt and one boob.


What's with the one boob nudity?


That's how much of nudity on this show is - fairly brief, obscure or dark lighting.


Smells like contractual compromise, nudity by committee.


the show is at march 5th 9pm est

How do you know now?Its not out yet


Bcoz its not time where you live,, but it is time where he lives ...

I know I am confusing ... duh !


When you are a subscriber to STARZ you can download the episodes around mindnight the day they are scheduled to air. Similarily Showtime will let you download and watch the first 2 episodes of a new season prior to their release as well. As to Hannah's nude scene ots definetly all her. Butt and a boob as she disrobes while walking to tbe bed after some making out and then one boob as she and the lucky guy talk in bed after. Really no sex just a nude scene.


thanks bro


So Hannah New's nude/sex scene will be availible in less than 6 hours. Black Sails has been a huge disappoinment this season, so what are the chances tonight will be much of the same? Im thinking youll see her ass as she pulls off her dress and then the guy follows and cut to post sex scene talking in bed that night or possible next morning.


Well one of the promos showed glimpse of the sex scene, so I think there will be one.


Hope so. It would be nice to have a proper sex scene too instead of a streamy 10 seconds


Rose Byrne any time soon?


Sadly she only showed skin once, and it was dark/far away. Apparently she auditioned for Iris I think it was. I wish she had gotten that. Kate Winslet was VERY naked in it. Would have loved to see Rose like that.


Probably not, considering that she gave birth a month ago.


House of Cards nudity?


Not even a lil' Spacey buttcrack?


Like nothing? Not even one boob or a little butt-crack? Aw fuck you, Kevin Spacey!


Any news on GoT/Outlander..Both will premiere on April...I think atleast Caitriona Balfe will be nude on Outlander...Fingers crossed for Sophie/Maisie/Natalie/Rosabelle..


I don't know what the hell is happening with GOT this year, not even the trailer has been released


Can't imagine Rosabell wouldn't have a proper nude/sex scene this season - at least one, maybe more


Any information on nudity in Collateral Beauty (Keira Knightley / Kate Winslet) ?


They've just started filming, but the script had been floating around for ages, anybody know anything?


Katheryn Winnick, Jennies Jacques, Karen Hassan, and Amy Bailey all had sex scenes on Vikings tonight. . I think the only scene with the potential for nudity is Jacques. Hopefully we'll find out soon. Thank you.


I keep hearing about this show. what network is it on>?


The uncensored version in on HBO Nordic


The uncensored version in on HBP Nordic


Vikings is on The History Channel


Yes it's on the history channel but they film extra scenes with nudity for international broadcasts. Every season has had nudity


Jennie Jacques (Butt Nudity)


Karen Hassan (Brief Breasts) in Vikings [S4E3]

Dream came trueeee..... 🙂


i wish any nudity from Emily Osment soon.


anything to expect from the new season of House of Cards?


Neve Campbell pleeeeaaaase


She's old and disgusting


i still would


Hammy acting.


Gemma Atkinson


Any one able to film or take pics Mae Whitman in "The Mystery of Love & Sex"? Confirmed reports of her being fully nude.


I watched it and I can confirm that she goes full frontal. The scene is in the middle of the first act.

The play is also good, in case anyone was wondering.


What kind of bush does Mae have?


How isn't there footage of this out yet? Is the security there very tight? One poster was going back a second time to film but haven't heard anything.


Nice Letterman reference, Mr. Hofert.


"College Student (and daughter of Food Network’s “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond) Alex Drummond reportedly has some fully nude and sexy photos floating around."

Any update on this?


Its aload of nonsense.


What About " Parched " & " Fields " 2016 ??


She real fat, huh?


What about Brie Larson in the near future?


Now that she has an Oscar I won't hold my breath


New stuff would be great


Waiting for 31st March when Colonia will finally release in Russia and we will have a (shitty quality) CAM.


Why? Already confirmed that Emma Watson doesn't show shit.


the only scene of emma watson in Regression is the body double sex on the bed right. or there is other scenes ?


Actually it's not even that. The sex scene is with a random cult member that may or may not be Emma Watson's character. Long story short you'd get more nudity watching Harry Potter.

Knight of Cups

Not sure if I've missed coverage for it in the past, but has there been any info on the nudity in Knight of Cups? Reviews from festivals last year include mention of ample nudity, and it's R for "some nudity".


"Ample" is probably an exaggeration. I believe Isabel Lucas ais in a brief scene swimming nude in a pool (you don't see a lot) and there's another blonde woman running around topless in a hotel room with Christian Bale and a woman in a bra. I don't believe the woman appears again in the movie and am not sure who she is. Honestly you barely see her face even though you get a good look at her breasts.

Knight of Cups

Interesting. I would imagine the reviewers who felt need to mention the nudity only did so in comparison to Malick's other works, where it is not a prominent feature. At least not sexualized. I wonder if anything nice from the other main women in the film were left on the cutting room floor, considering the obscene amounts of footage he shoots.

Thanks for the info.


its the model alana marie. shes done treats twice has a banging body and a big nose.


I googled her and she looks nothing like the topless blonde in the hotel. There's also a random topless blonde on a balcony in a later scene... not sure if it's the same woman or not.


Oh okay... when you google the name most of the pictures are of a different model, but I did find the one you are talking about. Weird that she's credited as "Photo Studio Model" even though she doesn't appear on screen in a photo studio. Must of been one of the many cuts.


Alana Marie is the nude girl on the balcony!


Hap and Leonard?

Too Late?


i don't have high hopes for christina hendricks but her character has sex in the first or second scene of the first book, which is the source material for the first episodes


Im really looking forward to the final season of Banshee.

Episodes 1 and 3 have nudity and strong sexual content.

Episodes 4 and 5 have Nudity.

Episode 2 has Nudity and Rape.

Im thinking Ivana will get naked episode 1 and probably Eliza in episode 3. Possibility of the woman who plays Brock's wife again. Obviously some nudity will probably take place in the strip club Proctor owns. My longshot is maybe some butt nudity from Ryann Shane who plays Deva. From the trailer its possible she is the one who gets raped from whoever she is hiding from under the car she gets dragged out under from. Would definatly set Hood off if Proctor has anything to do with it.


Ep 1 will probably be Casey LaBow as she will have sex with Bunker (and maybe Ana Ayora in lesbian action). Ivana probably not until she will reunited with Hood (might be ep 3 that is titled Job, as they will probably try to rescue their friend). Tanya Clarke (Brock's wife) won't be in this season. That scene with Deva probably might have something to do more with that satanic duo than Proctor - he will have other things on his head.


Oh yeah, I know her, we were in the army together.


College Student (and daughter of Food Network's "Pioneer Woman" Ree Drummond) Alex Drummond reportedly has some fully nude and sexy photos floating around.


LOL all you dummies falling for this


She is quite underaged in the pictures so I don't recommend looking them up.


She's 18 almost 19 and in college and the pictures are apparently very recent, from a college party.

I wasn't aware of pictures from when she was "very underaged". I was made to assume these were her first nudes.


Personofinterest may I ask where you found out about this? Just curious since they're really not anywhere I've seen.


bush or shaved?


It's the guy who took the pictures, a classmate (maybe boyfriend?) Of Alex's. He showed me two of the pictures so I know they are legit and they are very sexy and yes she is very naked.

They should be leaked officially very soon. Stay tuned.


A really trustworthy source, honestly.


I'm not seeing anything about Alex....where'd you hear that?


Tried googling it but didn't find anything?


So, who do we have to look forward to in 2016?

- Ellen Paige

- Melissa Rauch (5% chance)

And thats it?

Good year......


Oh I forgot about Togetherness that's airing now. Amanda Peet already showed some breast and there's probably more.

And of course Game of Thrones starts again on 24 April. At the very least I expect Carice Van Houten to let the girls out.


Any update on Alex Drummond? From the post above?


Power will return again in summer with more nudity!!!


-- Confirmed nudity from Rachel Brosnahan in Louder Than Bombs, Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton in A Bigger Splash, Angela Trimbur in Trash Fire, and Nora Zehetner and Alexia Rasmussen in Creative Control

-- The first five weeks of Banshee all have nudity in the content advisory, so even if it's not Dushku it'll be somebody

-- Riley Keough has talked in interviews about doing "copious nudity" and "a lot of sex scenes" in the upcoming Starz series The Girlfriend Experience

-- Olivia Cooke says she went full frontal for Katie Says Goodbye

-- Rosa Salazar posted on Instagram about getting naked for the movie version of CHiPs

Plus there's a ton of original content being produced by the streaming services (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu) where we generally don't find out about the nudity until the shows premiere.


Dakota Fanning in "Viena and the Fantomes" supposedly also.

Forget Johnson, that's the Dakota I care about lol


I'm bored so I'll list the stuff I have noted down...

Vinyl is currently airing and Olivia Wilde has gotten naked in it and may yet do more.

Banshee starts on 1 April and Eliza Dushku has a part in it. We may get lucky.

Manhattan Nocturne with Yvonne Strahovski is to be released on 20 May. The plot apparently entails nudity. Whether we actually see anything is anybody's guess.

Swinging Lantern Stories with Carla Gucino is to be released on 25 December. Actually I'm not sure why I noted this one down, someone must have mentioned something...

There are a few others, some with a strong chance of nudity, some not, that do not currently have a release date, but may well surface in 2016. Long story short, it's not like we have the entire year mapped out in advance.


Stefanie Scott in I.T,?


You're forgetting Imogen Poots going full frontal in Frank & Lola.


Frank & Lola falls under "few others" since it doesn't have a release date yet.


Morgan Saylor, possibly a repeat from Rosabell Laurenti Sellers.... and there are always surprises, of course.


Can people explain to me why some people have a problem with a topless 18-year Zara Larrson?

View post on imgur.com


Seriously, the girl is gorgeous and young and sexy. Are people trying to "slut shame" her? Is that the problem?

Or is it that she's not a big star (yet)?

She's gorgeous. We can do a lot worse (like Lena Dunham.... again) nudity is nudity we take what we can get.

We should all be happy she did this. No reason to complain. Keep up the good work girl!

Rant over lol


Olivia Taylor Dudley is staring on THE MAGICIANS.

any upcoming nudity news of her?


I second that.


Alicia Rodriguez (girl with amazing nudity from Young and wild) is nude in La Poseída. TV series available on youtube. I have not gone through each episode but episode 68 has her nude at 13 min mark. Awesome clear hd nudity. Some lesbian kissing in episode 15. Some other actresses are naked as well. Enjoy.


When will Morgan Saylor's nude scenes be released?


It's really too bad HBO passed on The Walking Dead. That early scene with Christian Serratos could have been much nicer.


We now know that half the female cast would be alright with it so yeah bummer.


There would have been a lot more cock if it been on HBO.


What a idiotic sentiment. The Sopranos, The Wire, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, True Detective (season 1), Deadwood... and yes even Vinyl so far... have all had way way more female nudity than male nudity. The reason so many of you freak out with even a slight bit of male nudity in a show is because it gives you uncomfortable feelings you are trying to suppress which isn't an issue for those of us who are secure in their sexuality.


Or we might just be repulsed by the idea of seeing some other guy's junk.


I don't remember saying anything about male nudity forced down my throat. All I said is I don't want to see penises in my movies and tv series. I don't see why you think expressing that opinion makes me stupid. I agree that there is more female than male nudity but am I somehow obligated to call for equality in the matter? Do you also walk into restaurants and berate customers for not ordering more of the foods you like?

You should probably spend a little less time name-calling and a little more time understanding that you are not "right" here, because there is no "right" on the matter, it's mere preference and you're still in the minority.


You are so far off it's almost not funny. It's not about differing tastes, or shaming homosexuals (who are presumably comfortable with who they are). It's about shaming the morons who whine about male nudity when it's apparent female nudity is far far more abundant on HBO and movies. I have a friend who thinks the world is flat, (no really). And he's entitled to that opinion, but I rip him for it every time he expresses it because it's stupid. Same thing here. If you think HBO is shoving cocks down your throat because once in a while there's male nudity, you are certainly entitled to your opinion and I'm entitled to rip you for being stupid when you express it.


I don't know why you're so invested in proving others gay. Maybe you're one of those people that still think that homosexuality is something negative and worthy of ridicule. Even if it was and I was gay, I would have no reason to deny it when I'm posting anonymously on the internet, especially here where I can change identity at will.

Just because others don't share your tastes, doesn't mean there's some sort of conspiracy going on. You're just a minority on this.


If you are so repulsed by it that you ignore all the female nudity and only notice the junk, sorry pal, there's other issues going on.


hopefully we get naked Olivia Wilde in Vinyl tonight?


Yup...a quick shot of the right boob


I'll take it


Briana Evigan nude in TOY(2015).now it's released on dvd in germany...

anyone can grab a copy and upload the video.


No video but she has three nude scenes, one in a hot lesbian sex scene.


Any news on what kind of nudity we can expect from Yvonne Strahovski on Manhattan Nocturne? The ratings say nudity, violence, sexuality and language but I am tired of no news on this movie. No rumors, no trailers, nothing.


To add to my previous comment, the movie releases on May 20 and the lack of news/info is mind boggling and frustrating. Hopefully, the adage "good things come to those who wait" comes true for this movie.


The movie was finished in 2014. It's been in development hell for over a year while they tried to find a distributor. They finally suckered in LionsGate (who will practically take anything) and spit out a release date literally as soon as that deal was done.

My point is that this movie hasn't gone through the normal processes of debuting. It didn't even get shown at festivals. It was at Sundance, but they were shopping for distributor, so it was only shown to those agents in a single screening.

So, it's not really mind-boggling at all that we have no info on this movie if you understand its timeline. I'd be surprised if we found out ANYTHING before the release date. There's just no logical avenue for it.


Manhattan Nocturne was in the lineup at film festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Toronto) and was screened privately at the AFM in November (it was listed on the Mobile site, but not on the regular site).

Also, according to a rumor, MN was rejected at Cannes, and then decided against entering Tribeca afterwards. I think they realized this wasn't going to be an awards contender, and going on the festival circuit would have been a waste of time and money.


Was just adding information about why they didn't go on the traditional film festival circuit. According to what I read, they intended to go on the film festival circuit, but changed their mind when the film was rejected at Sundance this year (I mistakenly typed Cannes, but it was Sundance that they were rejected from). After 2 filming delays and a very lengthy post production, they just wanted to get the film released as soon as possible.

They definitely need to start promoting this film already.


I can't tell if you're disagreeing with me or just adding information. It was not shown publicly anywhere. Berlin happened not even a month ago, and that's where they finally got a deal finished. It skipped an entire festival circuit while they stuck it on numerous sales slates and tried to shop it.

It's very easy to see why we have very little to no information on it.


That shot of her looking over her shoulder while showing off her perfect ass might become my most jerked to imagine of the year. Been waiting 9 fucking years to see her naked. Hope this is the beginning of many great nude scenes for Hannah.


Is this the only nude scene ?


Reminds me of Emilia Clarkes, dimples too. Nice.

I wonder if anyone has a gif of Elinor Crowley's scenes, she was cute in Vikings.


Well wasn't expecting an ass that nice on her


Any nudity tonight?


i'm sure a few of us will be showering tonight, so yes. :^)


If anyone can access Polish HBO, check out Bridgend for Hannah Murray's surprisingly impressive butt on full display


Is Alex Breckenridge going to get naked for Broken Vows or, well, anything else?


i hope so... she did a nue scene in true blood too many years ago, but now she is nude quite a lot, last year she got naked for 'zipper' in a scene as a prostitute and also in 'dark', in a lesbian sex scene, so lets hope she keeps getting naked, she is amazing


Briana Evigan makes her Nude Debut in ToY. Tits Ass and lesbian sex scenes.


can anyone upload the video?


It was released in Germany. But restricted to those living there.


Virus. Smooth.


Yolo the pass is yolo


hey whats the password for unzipping the file ?


90% upload until the nude scene. Gonna post the link when done


good news 70% upload rate. gonna give the link when finished


he is not trolling. i saw the nude scene its real 😀


it is theatre release or online or dvd release..

if it is other than theatre release please anyone upload the video..


Im currently uploading the videos. My upload speed is 5kb so you gonna have to wait


yes!!!! been waiting for this for years!!!


any release date or video ?


Is it official about Briana? Clear view on breasts?


At the very leat twice she has. That's been confirmed on many sites.


Breasts from Gaite Jansen in Paul Verhoeven's Tricked.

Ep 6 of Black Sails has a naked extra and a girl naked in bed with blackbeard.

Preview for ep 7 seems like Hannah New might have a nude scene.


Hope one of them is Lise Slabber. Her body is slammin


No tits from Lise. Nice cleavage though


That would be great too. And Jessica Parker Kennedy would be great again to see, but I have a bad feeling about her too.


Finally Sails delivers again. We all know hannah new will be a body double.....again.


Yeah she never used body double, I don't know why Mr.Skin have that written for her scene in episode 2 of season 1, where you clearly see her face from a side. Also later she have 2 topless scenes where you perfectly see her face, so that would make no freaking sense that she would use bd for one butt scene - if she would not want to show her butt scene could be filmed the way she don't show it just like Emmy Rosssum is doing all the time.


Keep dreaming dummies. She 100%used a double this season and twice before that. Couple scenes were def her but not all.


So I hope this new Hannah nude scene from ep 7 will once and for all end all this nonsens about her using body double for her butt as you perfectly see both face and butt.


The scene begins with her washing herself - hand, armpit and camer shows her face for a second, I agree not full but mouth, nose. If it was body double it would be cut before we see her head. The same is in her very first nude scene in S1 where you can see her face from side - if this was bd, they would cover her face with hair. Also Hannah was basically unknow before Black Sails, so if she would not agree for nudity, they would hire someone else.


You have vision problems. At NO POINT in Season 3 ep 1 could you ever see her face and tits or ass in the shot at the same time. It was cropped or her back was turned. Lol you guys want it to be real so bad.


There's a lot of actresses who had no problem with topless scene but they don't like showing lower half nudity. Billie Piper in Penny Dreadful is another example


You see her face and her breast in one scene. So you want to tell me she's ok with showing boob but will use body double for butt? And in what 2 other scenes she used bd, dummie? She had 2 naked scenes in season 1, and even if you insist her scene in ep 2 is bd, you can see both face and breasts in one frame in her sex scene in ep 3. In season 2 she had one naked scene in ep 3 and there even more clearer you see her face and breasts in one frame. The same in her scene in season 3 episode 2 - breast and face in the same frame.


again? she's never used a body double. i've analysed her nude scenes, i know my shit


Her scene this season is edited, so there is much doubt.


But you clearly see her face and breast in one frame so no body double. Don't know why mrskin says otherway.


Anyone have a Sunday night nudity report?


Possible nudity from Jennifer Garner in 2016s Wakefield. Mention of a love scene and cast and crew seeing her boobs and love handles in a Vanity Fair article.


I looked it up. From the March 2016 Vanity Fair article:

"The split made it challenging to film love scenes for her new film Wakefield:

"When you haven't been kissed for over eight months, it's strange. But it's my job. It's 9 in the morning, and you think, I could really use a shot of alcohol. Then, after a take or two, after everyone has seen your boobs and love handles, you just want to take every crew member and be like, 'Please have mercy on me!'""

Of course this is Jennifer Garner we're talking about, so I'm not holding my breath. Also if she's filming that now, it could easily end up getting released in 2017.


Man I would love to see her boobs. Especially now that they've grown a bit since she's thickened up after childbirth (in a good way). Hope she puts em out there.


Anything on Luissa Zissman?


Its been awhile without a Melissa Rauch mention of is she nude in Bronze, so I thought I would do the honors...let the flaming begin.


This is going to be the disappointment of 2016, with Jewel Staite's no show in her film a close second, mark my words.

That said, I'll settle for a butt shot, she's got great hips.


Melissa wont be showing anything.


Well, it's coming out in about 3 weeks, so we can be disappointed by it and never talk about it again.


Nope then there will be another 6 months of debate about which part is real & which is the double.


You'd think Melissa Rauch were Jennifer Love Hewitt or something.


What can we expect from Jessica Barden in the upcoming third season of Penny Dreadful? 🙂


Deborah Ann Woll?

I will die if I can see her bush. Those long legs and wide hips. Yummy.


You will die before you can see her bush.

Lawrence of Scotland

Anything on Emma Rigby at all? Thanks.


Who is your top 3 irritating nudity dodgers?

I will start with;

1) Jenna love hewitt

2)Jennifer Aniston (few shitty slips but still a dodger)

3)Mila Kunis

Have fun!!!


Annalynne McCord (it's getting ridicoulous)

Denise Richards (only once and then... nothing)

Jessica Biel (????)


Jessica Biel - Powder Blue


I know I was meant to put arrows but they changed it for some reason ?? She has just one good nude scene and then just teases again u_u


1 Emmanuelle chriqui

2 Jessiaca alba

3 Jen. love hewitt

Always teasing almost never delivered


It's important to bear in mind that not every actress who's failed to grace us with a nude scene is a "dodger." Plenty of the women we hope will get naked have stated their willingness to do so for the right role. We even know about a number who've auditioned for those projects and just didn't get cast.

And then there are the actresses who've publicly confirmed their opposition to baring all on screen. Anna Kendrick, Emma Stone, Julia Stiles, etc. It's disappointing and might limit their career options somewhat, but fair enough. It's their prerogative. They don't owe us anything.

But I'll give you three who I do think qualify:

Allison Williams

Deborah Ann Woll

Odette Annable

They all took roles that pretty clearly required nudity -- on premium cable shows where the lead actress did multiple nude scenes of her own -- and steadfastly avoided it. Either by pulling the Austin Powers "ooh, I'm naked, but you can't really see anything" gag or, in Odette's case, turning the heavy lifting over to a body double. That's legitimately irritating.


Maggie Grace is a semi-nudity dodger. On Californication, the script originally called for full blown nudity, but she only gave us some butt shots and a nipple through a shirt.


Deborah is a good example. I would add Yvonne Strahovski solely for that bullshit she pulled in Dexter (on multiple occasions!).


Any News on Game Of Thrones Season 6??


confirmed into the forest will be released on 15 may. and ellen page has nude boobs scene 😀


May 15th ? Was it not July 22nd ?


Dont feed the trolls


So, HBO isn't going forward with Codes of Conduct. Considering Steve McQueen's film work (Shame), that's very bad news on the nudity-front. If I'm not mistaken, people already claimed that Helena Bonham-Carter was going to be 'very naked' in it.


Brianna Hildebrand is hot i hope she does nudity in the future


The director's cut Blu-Ray of Batman v Superman will be rated R, believe it or not. Now, I highly doubt it, but maybe there's at least a slim chance we'll see Lois Lane's tits in that bathtub scene lol. Zack Snyder has directed nude scenes in comic book movies in the past (300 and Watchmen) and Amy Adams has done fleeting nudity before (Sunshine Cleaning and American Hustle) but I doubt DC would allow Lois to be nude in a movie. Still, it's fun to think about haha.


No way Amy Adams shows tits in goddamned comic book movie. The DC is going to be R-Rated because Doomsday is going to be murdering a shitload of civilians.


It says in the news why the directors cut was Rated R... for

"sequences of violence". You are better off thinking about porn parodies if you want nudity.


terrible post, should be deleted. Next you will say a new season of high school musical will have nudity.


Dude, he clearly says he knows it's not gonna happen and the post is just for fun. Why do you have to take it so seriously? At least he's not the 1,000th person asking about Melissa Rauch in The Bronze.


i give up on Alison Brie showing any nudity . she had a few chances with Sleeping with Other People and Get Hard and didn't show anything. she is hot and cute but she's 33. also give up on Mila Kunis showing anything either .


Only hope is if she pulls a Marissa tomeii and does some s nudity in serious movies in her late 30s


I also think she's doesn't have as much bounce as she used to.


wait until they are 40 and they will do it to get back to lights again


Do you think that there is any chance that we will see Alison Brine nude in the near future?


Not this year for Alison Brine/Brie.

The 4 unreleased movies and 1 mini-series have no nudity from her. Whatever she shoots this year won't get released until next year.


Didn't someone in the comments section of the previous post mention at least a boob slip from Alison in Get a Job? It's a dim and unconfirmed hope...but there you go.


Tina Fey or Margot Robbie in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?


Crystal Reed is nude in ‘Too Late’. It was released at festivals in September, months ago, and then disappeared. Now it has been given a wider release in April. Does anyone have descriptions of her nude scene?

Also, why no news on Banshee’s final season.


Well EP1 has been rated to have nudity.


Looks like Angeline Appel's boob is just barely out of frame while jerking Lip off in the promo for the next Shameless, I'd be surprised if there's no nudity from her. There's also a Jocelin Albor credited as "girl with Lip" who has a bunch of nude modelling pictures.


Stefanie Scott in the upcoming movie "I.T."? Some things she said in a recent interview about the movie and her role give off a potential nudity vibe. "Sexy/out of her comfort zone/you get you see a different side to her".


She has already done some fairly edgy stuff with that video music and the movie "Caught". So her using those words to describe the "I.T." movie/role makes me think nudity or something really sexual.


Maria Menounos doing anything? She's probably the hottest woman in the world


Her pussy is on Google .


The actual, non troll version of nudity news in last night's Vinyl episode was some female extras in a night club.


So did Cannavale really show his penis or is a lie?


thats true, when he comes out of the shower, or that is what it seemed at a quick glance


Ha, I suppose it is true.I barely even noticed. If it was a female scene that dark and fleeting the fiends would be screaming and hollering that you can't see anything. It's a male scene so they are screaming and hollering about getting dick shoved in their face.


any news about Olivia Thirlby nudity ?


i really hope she has nude scenes soon... she has been cast in an amazon series called "trial". "Thirlby will play Lucy Kittridge, a whip-smart, driven to succeed, high-powered attorney who knows what she wants, which is money, sex, and respect. Underneath the tomboy tough exterior still beats the soul of a 21st century idealist, meaning she still wants justice but she’s still pretty sure money is the only sure way to get it".


Someone needs to brighten that scene way up.


Maggie Siff finally got nude and shown her ass in BILLIONS


Clearly body double


she unwrap herself from a bathrobe and go into a pool showing her ass


Yeah its a nice ass but DEFINITELY not hers. Pretty shitty job of casting a double.


Def a double. Sigh. Really want to see those tits


may be bt as SHOWTIME is a premium cable channnel,it won't think of getting BD for nude scenes.


Unknown nudity in togetherness. Hot scene by melanie lynskey.


Um..what hot scene..... 😐


Also, shameless has awesome nudity from Emmy Rossum and another actress. Next shameless promo also looks promising.


Who's naked on Girls this week?


Penis. Thank you.


The nudity on tonight's Vinyl came from Bobby Cannavale and his penis, and it's already confirmed that Ray Romano goes nude too. WHY DOES HBO HATE US? WHY?


Don't leave us hanging....how big of a boy is he? Shaved?


Uh, Canavale has shown his wang before. Like, it's practically a Hollywood joke now how much he shows his bare ass in whatever he's in, and he's shown his dick multiple times now.


Oh god, not Bobby Cannavale... first episode was boring as hell and now this? They'll need to have some serious Olivia Wilde nudity later on if they are going to redeem themselves.


BTW I'm a Nigerian Prince and I need to transfer my fortune into someone's bank account. You interested?


Well, how am I supposed to know? I'm not watching that show, it's boring as hell.

Carter Pewterschmidt

You again!!!


Into the forest release date. Please any one answer


Wow people, its 2 posts above. Open your damn eyes before posting... WTF?


I really want to know too


Amy Adams will star in Sharp Objects tv show, the book has it's fare share of nudity


The Lead character has a habit of cutting her skin al over. So even if there is nudity it will all be CGI.


She's given us a fair share of fleeting glances in the past. I'd just like to see her tits in full view in good lighting finally.


I think that nude scene is a body double she didnt show her face


She showed very brief tit and face in American Hustle. And earlier in Sunshine Cleaning she showed both boobs with face on screen at the same time but only in the version aired on Showtime because the aspect ratio was changed from the theatrical and DVD versions.


Ellen Page's Into the Forest will have a limited theatrical release on July 22nd


The source is a recent tweet of boxoffice.com. However, this is the US release scheduled by A24. There's still a chance that it's going to be released in Canada next month!


fuuuuuck how long we have gonna to wait to see the movie. didn they say it will be released on march ?


What's your source?


And Black Sails disappoints AGAIN smh


Only if you watch it just for the nudity....


Gee if only you might look at the site we're on. Seems like maybe just maybe I'd be referring to the lack of nudity being disappointing and not the show as a whole. Context much?


Maybe, I was just referring to the quality of the show anyway and regardless the site we're on ? Guess.


María Valverde?


is she naked in a new movie?


any one from UK have any nudity news in triple 9?

it released in UK on 19th feb


I saw it today. Strippers and brief ass from teresa palmer. Might have been a thong it was a quick shot.


What was the context of Teresa palmer scene ?can you describe how it played out ?

Laura vandervoort



Incredibly Pathetic nudity on Netflix's Love.


You have high expectations. Ep1 nudity was very good.


Goldstar review of "Mystery of Love and Sex":

"Full nudity from both younger actors was unexpected."

Only runs till Mar. 20th - one month from today -

so someone better figure out how to get in there and sneak a cellphone video,

or did I read that there are some kind of camcorder eyeglasses?

For all we know this might be our only chance ever to see Mae Whitman naked!


There's going to be nudity on Shameless, Billions, Girls, Togetherness and Vinyl this Sunday. Nudity-pallooza! Does anyone have any details?


Do you know who on billions and shameless and togetherness? Hope it's malin, Emmy, and Amanda.


Hope it's maggie or condo on billions. Seen Malin enough times.


We all know who the Girls nudity will be and it will be disgusting


i'll bust a nut if they're all penises


The topless girls from the first episode of Love are Jennifer Blakeslee and Emily Sandifer I believe


Two girls topless towards the end of Ep 1 in netflix's "Love"

Gilligan Jacobs a few scenes in her bra, then sideboob teasing sex scene in a later episode.

I skimmed through it quick but didn't seem like much else.


any milana vayntrub?


From my skimming the season besides the the girls. who were cute and topless for a while first episode.... Gillian Jacobs sex scenes with covers up to her shoulders and briga heelan sex scene with bra on.


Billions - Malin finally rejoined the nudity fray with the recent episode. Any news on Maggie Siff, or perhaps Rock's new Baywatch love interest Ilfenesh Hadera?

Vinyl - Any other nudity news here? Olivia Wilde gave a little tease in a trailer.


Hailee Steinfeld showed her nipple


Yup. Nice little puffy.


Who & what movie


Nipple slip, presumably drunk, at a Grammy after party


Any news about Power or Banshee? Especially about Ivana Milicevic


Who cares anout Ivana Milicevic small titties, she;s already shown them

What's the news on Eliza Dushku, is this bitch gonna show her titties?


I'll bump to that. My words exact. I hope she goes full S&M with titties all over the place. Daaamn she's hot.


According to reports one of the actress that got naked a lot in the first season will not be getting naked this season, so ivana might not be doing it


Wasn't it already clear that it is Lili, who won't get nude again?


It wasn't. It's all speculations due to some casting call spoilers.


Casting call spoilers? I wish they would post about them more often.


17-year old American Idol contestant Olivia Rox was a little nipply in leather on the show last night.


Gross. Underage.


She's lovely and barely underage. Let it pass.


barely underage like you're barely a predatory creep


yep, same goes with vaginas


It was just a little nipple. Boobs are boobs on any age.

Nothing wrong there.


Any news on Elizabeth Debicki ?


She's going to be in Guardians of the Galaxy 2


Morgan Saylor nude scenes out now!


That wasn't me btw, some little kid is having his first troll.


Don't toy with me like that. I've been waiting 5 years to see Dana Brody naked, dammit.


shouldn't be long now, netflix picked up the rights


So anyone seen any other photo's like this one?!?


any refererence where it is ?