Zhu Zhu Nude in Secret Sharer

As requested in the comments, here is a compilation of all of Zhu Zhu‘s nude scenes in Secret Sharer. Zhu Zhu is best known to Western audiences for playing Kokachin in Netflix’s Marco Polo TV series.

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Will The Layover be screening at the SxSW film festival?


How did they get away with the nudity in Of Kings and Prophets on ABC? And does anyone know if there will be more from Jeanine Mason?


The showrunner said they want to push the envelope and may edit the broadcast version and leave the unedited version for online viewing. Given that I wouldn't expect them to push it too far beyond what you might see on network television. Given the critical reaction and initial ratings I doubt it'll last past the original six episode order,.


Whoa missed it. Are there caps posted?


Probably was an international version, like Vikings does.


Any nudity on tomorrow nights shows?

Also who cares about the post record?


sorry I was just taking the piss


Bosch season 2?


Strippers in a club. Girl jumping out of bed topless during a raid.


Random girl in ep 1 and that's it.


700 comments. I think that's a new record. sorry I thought I would get that in first, and a bit premature lol


That would be impressive if 500 of them weren't you counting them up.


how to plan orgy in a small town released in CANADA and also online


What about Katharine Isabelle any nudity?


Her, Jewel Staite, Tommie-Amber Pirie and Lauren Lee Smith (along with some dudes) all do a nude run down the street to end the film. However you don't see their faces but, unlike the previous poster, I think Jewel's tattoo (and body) look legit to be her and all the rest match the actresses body types. By no means a confirmation its them, but think it is. Other than that she just has a bunch of scenes in a bra.


Sorry, to be specific, its full rear view including ass for everyone in the streaking scene.


Also, you know nothing about film making if you think a production of this scale could afford to waste money hiring bds for a scene like that. It's them. Seriously.


I'd hate to be one of the schmucks who funded it on the promise of what they said they were going to deliver.

Not even convinced the butts at the end are their's. Jewel's tattoo looks wrong and Katherine's looks too skinny.

Aah, well only another week to be disappointed by the bronze for the same reason.


Anyone else nude in it?


There is a topless scene with whom I believe to be Zoe Cleland


Huh... you're actually right. Caps are out. Nothing from Jewel Staite. You suck, Jewel.

Oh well, we can now finally hearing about this. One more week and we can finally be done with The Bronze too. Things are looking up.


652 comments, i think that's a new record


Is it a decent scene?


Black Sails ep 8 - Sex scene with Jessica Parker Kennedy and another girl, breasts from both.


Last we JPK was given a whore she took upstairs to have sex with, the actress being new on the scene Nevena Jablanovic, quite the essence of beauty. If this is her in the sex scene il cream myself.


It is Nevena Jablanovic, so cream away


Damn. This is what the GOF Dany and handmaiden scene from the book should have been like, the one we all hoped Nathalie Emmanuel would take part in since they killed off the other actresses.


Game of frones?


Still waiting on Lise Slabber again. Hottest body on the show


641 comments, new record ??


And counting.