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No synopsis yet for Game of Thrones 701 but it listed with (AS,L,N,V) on DirectTV. Anything you can tell us yet about Season 7 Recapped? (Fingers crossed we get nudity from Sophie coming out of that pond from the trailer, it should be in the first episode)


Think DirecTV is wrong cause there's no nudity in the premiere.
Unless it's male nudity or some extras.


what pond are you talking about? thats not in either trailer.


if youre referring to the old fan made one going around facebook a little while back, hate to break it to you but none of those scenes were from season 7, hell half of them werent even from game of thrones at all.


Could have been it. The small part I saw she was bathing in the pond by the wierwood tree with her back turned. It looked like theres was steam coming from the water and it looked like she got startled and glanced over her shoulder. Thought it was in a teaser or trailer.


That wasnt her. That was a scene from Vikings in a fan made trailer.


nudity news of Florence Pugh in LADY MACBETH(2016) ?


Mainly butt, some sideboob with nip


she's a got a killer ass, but too bad about the framing there. also she stands naked for a long time in another scene, but the lights are out for most of it.


please post nude clips from that movie..her ass is awsum & if possible post link for full movie...


Clips are on net since half of June - check nude celeb forum for example.


hey dude,can u provide the link for full movie or for the clips ?


THANK YOU!!! I've been waiting so long for this!!


i am sorry i can't stand this actress but this is a great topless scene, so now i like her a lot now. thanks recapped.


Thank you!!


THANK YOU!!! Any caps from The Little Hours?


Yes! Thank you so so much Recapped! You are The Best!